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Specialty Support


Being a part of the Specialty Team is an opportunity to serve the greater HoneyRock community and ministry in a unique and vital way. In many ways, these roles play a behind-the-scenes function. However, the work executed well is of first importance for the ministry and community of camp life in that it serves key functions of excellent hospitality and communication for visitors and guests. 


AV-Technology Specialist

Retail Sale Manager (Beehive)




Office Receptionist

Specialty Staff - Health Center

Serving in the Health Center at HoneyRock is so much more than treating scrapes, stings, and distributing medication. Our Health Center staff is critical to the success of every HoneyRock summer.

At the core, health services are provided with consistency by a head RN on staff who supervises and directs the assistant nurse and volunteer RN’s. At least ten volunteer physicians and five volunteer RN’s support the core Health Center team each summer.

A summer health center position at HoneyRock begins in mid-May and wraps up toward the end of August. For further information about the Doctors’ and Nurse volunteer programs, please e-mail Sara Waltz, Health Center Coordinator.


Nurse (RN): This position is for a Registered Nurse who is willing to work in a ministry capacity as supervisor of the HoneyRock Health Center. He/she will work with the onsite doctor and supervise the nurse assistant and nurse volunteers to provide medical care for campers and students attending camp programming. This role is a seasonal (May-August), full-time paid position.

Six Week Nurse (RN): This position is for a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse who is willing to work as an active member of the HoneyRock Health Center staff. He/she will work with the on-site doctor, licensed registered nurse and nurse volunteers to provide health care for campers, students and participants in camp programs. This role is a seasonal (mid June through late July), full-time salaried position, while residing on camp for the term of employment.