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Site and Facilities


The operations team at HoneyRock is a great place to learn new skills, work along side and lead others while supporting the ministry of HoneyRock.  Through caring for the buildings, grounds and equipment at HoneyRock you will be challenged physically and encouraged to grow spiritually as we do practical ministry together.  In most cases no prior experience is necessary to apply for a position.  Training will be provided in your area of assignment.  A willing heart to learn and a desire to work hard are the only prerequisites.


Bus Driver/Shop Assistant:  This individual works directly under the supervision of the Site and Facilities Manager/Transportation Coordinator at HoneyRock.  Responsibilities may include vehicle driving and maintenance, administrative support, vehicle sign-outs and other related skills. Click here for a detailed job description

Grounds Specialist: This individual serves in the area of maintaining HoneyRock’s grounds. Responsibilities include planting flowers and grass, mowing lawns, removing dead trees, and doing trash and recycling pick-up. Click here for a detailed job description

Construction Specialist: This individual serves in different construction projects that the camp undertakes. Responsibilities include rough and finish carpentry, masonry, roofing, painting, and other construction trade skills. Click here for a detailed job description