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Equestrian Program

HoneyRock Equestrian Training ...Experiencing God's Creation through Horses

Joins us for the Equestrian Program during Fall Break, where you will experience God's creation working with horses. This class takes a closer look at  how Christ uses his creation to help develop us as Christians. We will be working in the western seat in both arena and trail ride settings, as we dive into horsemanship from the ground up.

Initially, we will focus on learning about horses and their behavior. Understanding our leadership is key to the horses' role as our riding partner. We'll take what is learned from our equestrian partner and put it to work in the saddle. Prior riding experience is not needed.
Program Cost: $350

Here is what our time will look like:

DayActivities Planned 
Friday Depart Wheaton at 5:00 pm
Saturday Equestrian training all day
Sunday Rest and Reflection
Monday Equestrian training all day
Tuesday Equestrian training all day
Wednesday Depart for Wheaton at 8:00 am

Having a fun and safe experience includes bringing all the right gear. There is no need to go out and purchase anything ... just be sure to bring the following required riding apparel:

  • Warm jacket or coat
  • Long pants (jeans preferable)
  • Close toe shoes (cowboy boots are best if you have them)
  • Rain or muck boots
  • Several pairs of socks
  • Gloves
  • Warm hat
  • Rain gear (no ponchos, as they spook the horses)
  • Riding helmet
    (HoneyRock will provide a helmet; if you choose to bring a personal riding helmet - it must be ASTM SEI approved and within 5 years of the manufacture date)

Join the HoneyRock Equestrian Program for Fall Break!
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