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SALT Program Details

Gain real-world wilderness leadership and adventure ministry experience while transforming the lives of high school students and college freshmen!

Program Financials

  • Costs:
    $450 program fee for six weeks of training. Fees include all certifications and room/board.
  • Paid Practicum: Earn $350/week* for four weeks during your paid practicum as a leader for one of our high school 2:22 summer camp programs 
  • Paid Internship: After completing ten weeks of training and practicum, students can lead the wilderness programming for Wheaton Passage, the Wheaton College freshman orientation program. Earn $350/week* for four weeks.
  • Future Work Opportunities:
    Lead wilderness adventure trips next summer and earn up to $3,000.

Program Dates

Dates   Program Schedule
 May 15  First Day of the Program
 May 17-June 28  Training and Development
 June 26-July 24  Leadership Practicum
 July 26  Last Day of the Program
Optional Participation:
 July 24-August 4  Preparation/Planning for Wheaton Passage Wilderness Track
 August 5- August 20  Lead Wheaton Passage Wilderness Track
 August 20  Last Day of the Wheaton Passage


Food and Housing

During your six weeks of training, you will live in cabin-style housing with the other students of your same gender. This housing includes an open-design room with bunk beds, dressers, and a fireplace/lounge area, as well as an attached bathroom/shower area. You will be able to keep your belongings in this location for the entire summer. Once you begin your leadership practicum, you will move to stay with the campers you are leading.

Meals are covered by the program fee and will be provided for the entire length of the program, including weekends.

*During SALT, participants earn $350/week with $130/week being deducted to cover costs for room & board. Net earnings are $220/week during the weeks worked for leading 2:22 summer camp experience for high school students and Wheaton Passage for incoming freshmen.

How to Apply

If you currently attend Wheaton College and are on campus, apply in person at the HoneyRock office located in Schell Hall or call 630-752-5124 (ext 5124 if you are on campus).

If you attend other colleges or universities, go to the Registration Portal to apply through our online application system.

Applications are received using a rolling admissions process. Once you’ve completed your application, a HoneyRock staff member will contact you to set up an interview and walk you through the further steps of the application process.