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From rising freshman to graduating seniors, HoneyRock offers a variety of transformational leadership experiences that enhance a student's college experience and prepare them for career and life.

For incoming students, Wheaton Passage is the best way to begin the college experience. As a college transition program, Passage helps new students connect with professors, make new friends, and earn credit before stepping foot on campus. 

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Passage is the best way to start your Wheaton experience. Meet professors, make friends, and earn credit before stepping foot on campus!

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Wheaton College Leadership Certificate

Through academic study, leadership experience, and Christian ministry, students learn about both the art and science of leadership. As a interdisciplinary program, the Leadership Certificate brings faculty from a wide variety of fields to teach students from all majors. For incoming students, this certificate is especially helpful as it makes space for the student explore their unique strengths and wiring. In turn, this enables students to discern their calling and maximize their college experience which helps them launch into their field after graduation. Fun fact: Wheaton Passage can serve as the first step to completing the Leadership Certificate!

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Leadership Certificate

Learn how to lead by leading - the Wheaton College Leadership Certificate integrates classroom theory and applied leadership experience to build strong leaders in every field of study.

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Interested in experiencing authentic community, discovering your leadership strengths, and receiving individualized coaching and mentoring? Excited about participating in kingdom ministry, helping youth and young adults come to know Christ? Learn more about SLS and experience an unforgettable summer.

The Leadership Certificate is a program for emerging leaders who seek a depth of character and skill that enables students to contribute to effective and redemptive communities. Participation in the program will foster development in spiritual formation, foundational leadership theory, and key competencies through academic study and real world application.

Complete required classes and still have a summer! Study at HoneyRock, the Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College and earn 4-8 credit hours through Wheaton in the Northwoods (WIN).

  • Get to know Wheaton College faculty personally through learning and living experiences shared at HoneyRock
  • Take classes in a modular, intensive format with an average class size of 16 students or less
  • Enjoy all of HoneyRock's activities at your own pace: climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, water skiing, and more!

HoneyRock now offers a wide variety of work opportunities in business, ministry, education, and more! We encourage students to turn their summer job into an internship. By working at HoneyRock, you will 

  • Gain real-world hands on experience 
  • Develop marketable skills in a variety of professional fields 
  • Explore potential career options 
  • Grow in personal and relational competencies desired by employers 
  • Deepen your relationship with Christ through an authentic community and experiences in creation

We want to prepare you for a career in outdoor leadership. This three-month program equips you with the hard and soft skills necessary to be a professional in the field of adventure ministry. You will gain a strong foundation in the areas of wilderness leadership, adventure ministry, and faith formation. Taking part in this program means entering into an intentional development process that combines industry-standard training with real-life ministry experience.

Unlike any other academic experience.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

At HoneyRock we are focused on building into people the character traits needed to be leaders, to serve others, and to face the challenges and disappointments of life. Today’s students desire be learning outside of the typical classroom. At HoneyRock students learn experientially and have the opportunity to directly apply what they are learning by working in a dynamic ministry. Service and study simultaneously integrated are what make HoneyRock unique and different from other summer ministries or academic programs. Year after year students commend HoneyRock on the character and spiritual development – not to mention fun – it brought to them while learning and serving here.

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Each summer over 15 professors teach at HoneyRock as faculty. Every collegiate program utilizes these professionals to train and educate students for ministry at HoneyRock and beyond. These faculty members are experts in fields like psychology, youth ministry, Christian education, and leadership development. No other camp or ministry offers students such close interaction with faculty. The relationships students build with faculty members grow deeper and students often leave HoneyRock with mentoring relationships that are life-changing.

Wheaton College & HoneyRock

HoneyRock is an educational department of Wheaton College, a nationally recognized, fully-accredited Christian liberal arts college established in 1860. It maintains the highest academic standards while incorporating a Biblical perspective. In 1951 it became an innovator in using outdoor learning for educational purposes with the development of HoneyRock. Located in northern Wisconsin, HoneyRock is the experiential leadership lab for individuals desiring personal, spiritual, and leadership development. HoneyRock has the unique status of being both a college campus and a camp. These programs work together synergistically, providing campers with the highest caliber of Christian leaders and giving students an invaluable opportunity to exercise newly-acquired skills and knowledge as camp leaders. Instructors and staff work together to mentor students as they, in turn, mentor the young people within their camper programs.

As the Outdoor Center For Leadership Development of Wheaton College, our programs integrate academic learning with leadership and holistic life in Christ. Theoretical principles and practical skills learned here are applicable to a broad range of ministry and educational settings. Our program offers students the benefits of an outdoor environment that uses the inherent strengths of a camp setting for educational purposes. These strengths include short-term intensive experiences, the simplicity of a rustic setting, and leadership opportunities in ministries to young people. Our educational approach is interdisciplinary and distinguished through active learning, immediacy of application, involvement in leadership and problem solving tasks, directed reading, mentoring, disciplined reflection and evaluation, service, and solitude in the outdoor environment.