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Pre-Camp Checklist

Pre-Camp Checklist

Immediately Following Registration

  1. Check your inbox for the Registration Confirmation email, which contains important instructions to complete Part 2 of your registration. Your camper's registration is incomplete without finishing Part 2! This email can take up to 24 hours to arrive.
  2. Review the Info Packet for your camper's program. These can be found on their program page.
  3. Start talking with your camper about their upcoming HoneyRock experience, especially if it's their first time away from home. Click here for ideas on how to start the conversation.

Three Weeks Before Camp

Access Your Account and click "View Itineraries" to confirm the following have been finalized:

  1. Transportation Arrangements

    • Everyone must complete the Transportation Information, even if parents are driving their camper to and from HoneyRock.
    • IF someone other than you (camper's parent or legal guardian) is picking up your camper, complete the mandatory Transportation Authorization form and email it to the Registration Coordinator at nancy.robins@wheaton.edu
  2. Health Form & Dietary Needs

    Often times, medical information and/or prescriptions change between the time of Registration and arriving at camp. It's critical for parents to review their camper's Health Form three weeks before camp to ensure all information is accurate. 
  3. Roommate Selections

    • If you have not previously made a roommate request from within your registration and still wish to, please email our Registration Coordinator at  nancy.robins@wheaton.edu as soon as you're able to confirm if your new request can be accommodated.
  4. Start Packing!

Refer to your child's camper program page for their "Information Packet" which includes their program's packing list. The Info Packet will be made available this spring.

Pack earlier rather than later. Rushing to find the right stuff and frantically packing the night before gives your child a sense that they are not yet ready for camp. Often on the first day or two of camp they are consumed with wondering if they have everything they need. We highly encourage you and your child to pack together. If this is not possible, review everything in your child's bag with them, show them where things are, and make sure they feel well prepared for camp. 

If your child packs his/her own bag please have your child show you what they packed. Make sure they have everything they need and that they have not packed things they should not bring.

Our packing lists are available within the Information Packet PDFs. The program Information Packets are your primary source for camp information. Please download and consider printing as you will refer to this document frequently!

Critical Reminders & Forms

You must update the Health Form three weeks before you camper arrives at HoneyRock since medical information can often change between Registration and Arrival. To provide the best care for you camper, it's essential for our Health Services team to have the most up to date information.

If you are seeking an immunization exemption, you can find the policy and form here: HoneyRock Camper Immunization Waiver Policy and Exemption Form

Additionally, we need two NON-PARENT contacts to assure, in case we cannot reach parents, we have additional people to contact.

Roommate requests must be completed no later than two weeks before the session begins. If you need assistance to confirm your roommate requests, email our Registration Coordinator at nancy.robins@wheaton.edu and she will be happy to assist you! As a reminder, we cannot link more than three campers in a cabin or those greater than one grade apart. 

All registrations must include transportation information, even if parents are driving their campers. Please make sure to complete/confirm travel TO and FROM camp. If providing your own transportation, choose "HoneyRock Own" for the trip.

If someone other than you will pick up your child, complete and mail or email our Registration Coordinator (nancy.robins@wheaton.edu) the required Transportation Authorization Form.

Add funds anytime and monitor your camper's balance and purchases. A minimum of $10 is REQUIRED at the start of camp. We recommend $30 per week, especially for programs using $10 for each laundry day.

If you ordered anything during your camper's registration, the orders from our Beehive camp store will be delivered to your camper's cabin on Arrival Day.