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HoneyRock Immunization Exemption Policy & Waiver

Immunization Exemption Policy & Waiver

Please read this page carefully!

If you are claiming a medical necessity objection, please download the Medical Objection Immunization Waiver. Since this objection needs a physician's signature, it cannot be completed electronically. Please download, print, complete the form and send it to HoneyRock one of the following ways:

  • Email: honeyrock.nurse@wheaton.edu
    You can either scan in the form as a PDF to email OR take a photo of the form and attach as a photo to the email.
  • Mail: 8660 Honey Rock Road, Three Lakes, WI 54562 Attn. HoneyRock Health Coordinator

Immunization Exemption Policy

All HoneyRock campers must show proof of immunity with respect to the following immunizations:

  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella - proof of immunity is two MMR vaccines or titers of each disease
  • Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis - covered by the Td, DT, DTP, DTaP and Tdap vaccine series
  • Polio - IPV or OPV series
  • Varicella - Chicken Pox
  • Hepatitis B Series
  • Meningitis - covered by the meningococcal vaccine, Menactra for those 11 years and older

In addition, HoneyRock further recommends, though it does not require, immunizations for hepatitis A.

Occasionally, HoneyRock is asked to exempt a particular participant from its immunization requirements. Because we believe the entire camp population is best served when every camper is immunized, it does not favor exemptions. HoneyRock Health Center will, however, consider a request for exemption as it relates to the laws of Wisconsin under one or more of the following circumstances.

  1. Medical Necessity Objection - Medical Immunization Waiver Policy and Exemption Form (PDF) 
    a. Medical Risk to the Camper. A camper may be exempted from one or more of the required immunizations based on a written statement by a licensed health care provider (MD, DO, PA or NP) that describes the nature and probable duration of a medical condition or circumstance that contraindicates such immunizations(s) and that identifies the specific immunization(s) that could be detrimental to the camper’s health. 
    b. Immunizations Scheduled, but Not Yet Completed. If a camper is on an approved schedule to receive all necessary doses of the required vaccines, the camper may be granted a temporary medical exemption for the duration of the approved schedule.

  2. Religious Objection - use the electronic form below 
    Granting an exemption is considered based on a written statement by the camper’s parent stating the specific religious belief on which the opposition to the required vaccinations is based and the theological basis for such belief.

  3. Personal Objection - use the electronic form below 
    A camper may be exempted from one or more of the required immunizations based on a written statement by the camper’s parent stating the reasons the personal exemption is requested.

Each exemption request will be considered on a case-by-case basis and a determination will be made whether to approve the request. Campers who are granted medical exemption must have the Immunization Waiver completed and signed by a parent AND a physician to be recognized. The parent may be notified by the HoneyRock Health Center Coordinator for further clarification.

Immunization Waiver

For Personal or Religious Objections

Reminder: If you are claiming a Medical Necessity Objection, you must download, print, and complete the hard copy and email or send it to HoneyRock.