Challenge Course

Why Challenge Course?

Schools, sports teams, youth groups, leadership teams, service organizations, and many other groups can take advantage of our facilitated ropes course and initiative experiences centered on group problem solving, team development, and personal challenge.

At it's core, Challenge Course is a purposeful educational experience that is both challenging and fun in nature, with both real and perceived risks. Through challenge, risk, and experience, it is designed and facilitated to help bring awareness and solutions to needs and issues in individuals and the group. Common goals include communication, confidence, self-esteem, trust, leadership, and character.

What we offer

Depending on your goals, needs, and schedule we design an experience using an element or a combination of elements listed below.

Mobile Initiatives: Games and initiatives that can be done anywhere.  These are anything from icebreakers to complete problem solvers.

Stand Alone Elements: Problem solving activities which provide mental and physical challenges.  They are intended for group building, self and group revelation, and fun.

High Elements: Pamper Pole, High Wild Woozy, Giant Swing, Vertical Playpen, Cargo Net, Climbing Wall, Giant's Ladder, and Zip Line.

High Circuit: A series of approaches and high elements designed to be traversed in pairs, which challenge participants to trust their partner, communicate with group members and experience a physical challenge.

Scheduling your visit

Our primary Challenge Course program takes place from September through May. We offer half-day, one-day, or multi-day adventures on weekdays or weekends.  High elements are not offered during the winter months. We can also offer Challenge Course experiences as part of your retreat during other times of the year. Please contact our Challenge Course Coordinator to assist you with scheduling. To facilitate your event, please complete the Challenge Course Pre-Arrival Questionnaire.

Group size

We can work with large groups but will break them down into smaller groups for parts of the experience to insure greatest effectiveness. Each small group of 8 to 15 will have one or two trained leaders. Re-integrating the group at strategic times and facilitating transfer of learning to the larger group and permanent setting will ensure a lasting impact on the larger body.


Prices are all-inclusive at HoneyRock. They include all activities, equipment, meals, and staff who host and facilitate your group during your retreat. Dorm style lodging is included in the nightly cost. One group leader can come free of charge per 20 people.

  • One Day - One Meal (lunch):  $35 per person
  • Call for additional half day, multi day pricing information

For more information or to see a sample plan of what we can offer your group, please email  Maggie Hardy or call her at 715-479-7474 ext 206.