HoneyRock Solid Rock: Home Edition

We're bringing Solid Rock to wherever you are!

Remember Solid Rock at HoneyRock?! You would wake up a little earlier, run or walk to the Rock, jump into the lake and swim, memorize God’s word, pray with your cabin leader, and serve others...we’re bringing that to your HOME!

Introducing Solid Rock: Home Edition. Over the course of a month you'll engage God’s word, move your body, serve others, and pray!

Pick any 30-day period between now and May 15th and do the following challenges 20 times. The HoneyRock staff are committing April to this challenge! Need a way to track your progress? Download our chart or create your own.

Here are the details:

Memorize and recite the following verses (any translation) and share one way you’ve seen the truth from the passage apply to your life. Once you’re done, have someone record you saying the verse and how you’ve seen it to be true in your life.

For Intro & Residential Campers:

Psalm 23
Mark 4:35 - 41

For High School Campers:

Psalm 46
Matt 6:25-34


The great outdoors isn’t closed! Take time in your day (or multiple times!) to get outside and move your body. Here’s what to do to move your body for Solid Rock: Home Edition

For Intro & Residential Campers:

  • 1-mile walk/run OR 3-mile bike ride (15 times)
  • 25 push-ups & 25 sit-ups (5 times)

For High School Campers:

  • 2-mile run, 3-mile walk, OR 5-mile bike ride (15 times)
  • 50 push-ups & 50 sit-ups (5 times)


Look around to find ways you can serve your family and your neighborhood! Go above and beyond your normal chores to surprise your friends and family with service.

 Not sure how you can serve your family or your neighbors? Here are some ideas:

  • Write encouraging notes to friends, family, or neighbors
  • Vacuum the entire house
  • Set the table
  • Take out the trash
  • Do the laundry
  • Pick up trash around the neighborhood on your walk
  • Draw or paint encouraging posters to hang on your mailbox or in your house’s windows
  • Watch a younger sibling
  • Make a meal for your family
  • Make a meal for another family
  • Donate your allowance to a local food bank
  • Clean the bathroom(s) in your house
  • Take care of your pet(s) - walk your dog, empty out the cat litter, clean the fishtank
  • Clean up your toys without being asked
  • Ask people at home how you can help out!

Prayer is the name we give to our conversations with God. These might be conversations we have out loud, in our heads, written in our journal or even spoken with other people. It’s good to talk to him about what’s going on in our world, in our lives right now, about the other people in our lives or even our relationship with him.

Praying doesn’t have to be done a certain way, it’s just like a conversation with a friend - except that God is the most powerful friend you have ever had! He listens to and cares about your thoughts, worries, and dreams even while he is taking care of the whole world. He is able to handle any problem you might face.

So, why wouldn’t we talk to God about what’s going on right now?

For Intro & Residential Campers: spend time in prayer with your family

For High School Campers: call on a friend, a mentor, or a loved one to pray with

Looking for a fun way to engage with prayer in your home? Start a prayer wall in your house. Write the answers to these questions on sticky notes or paper (with painter’s tape!) and stick them to a wall in your house. When you pass by the wall, talk to God about the first thing you see on the paper.

Solid Rock: Home Edition Tracking Chart

Keep track of Solid Rock: Home Edition with this downloadable tracking chart! Don't have a printer? Even better...create your own!