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Girls Camp Retreat at HoneyRock

Girls Camp Retreat | September 22 - 25, 2022

This retreat serves to reconnect HoneyRock women who were staff, counselors, and campers from 1969 - 1985. 

The Girl's Camp Retreat & Reunion will make time and space to share stories of God’s faithfulness and how He worked in and through your life and HoneyRock and in the intervening years. If you want to start reconnecting now, join the Facebook group! This Girls Camp Retreat & Reunion is led by Debbie Willson Bradley, Carol Eckkelman Marshall, Carol Morgan, Carol Q Harding, Jennifer Good, Jill King Alexander, Lisa Maxwell Ryken, and Kathy (Kate) Maxwell Mackey. 

The goals of the Girl's Camp Retreat & Reunion are:

  1. Reconnect women’s staff, counselors, and campers
  2. Share stories of God’s faithfulness, of how he worked in and through HoneyRock and the years since then.
  3. Pray for and partner with HoneyRock
  4. Encourage one another in our walk with Christ 
  5. Create an opportunity to get back to HoneyRock!
Join the Girl's Camp 1969-1985 Facebook Group 


Girls Camp Retreat Housing & Cost Options

Cost: $270/person

Cost includes activities, meals, and cabin housing. Linens provided.

Cost: $210/person 

Cost includes activities, meals, and cabin housing. Dorms are one story and near the Chrouser Dining and Activity Center. Linens provided.

Cost: $140/person

Cost includes activities, classes, and meals only.



A HoneyRock Retreat Schedule

Check out an example of a retreat schedule at HoneyRock, below! 

6:30 a.m.   Morning Watch
(Personal Devotions)
Morning Watch
(Personal Devotions)
Morning Watch
(Personal Devotions)
7:45   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:30   Morning Activities Morning Activities 9:00 - 11:00 Departure

12:15   Lunch Lunch
1:30 2:00 - 5:00 Arrival Afternoon Activities Afternoon Activities
5:15 Opening Dinner Dinner Dinner
6:30 and on Evening Activities Evening Activities Evening Activities

*Schedule provided as an example; subject to change!

How to Register for the Girl's Camp Retreat

Registration for the Girl's Camp Retreat is open!

Follow the instructions below to register for the Girls' Camp Retreat. If you have questions regarding registration please contact our Guest Group Program Manager, Rachel Nichwitz, via email at rachel.nichwitz@wheaton.edu or via phone at 630-752-6024. 

Login to your existing account or create new account here.

To Register Yourself:

1. Click “+New Registration”

2. Select “Register Myself”

3. Select “Girls Camp Reunion” from the available options

4. Choose housing option A, B, or C based on your preference. Press “Continue”

5. Answer Additional Questions. Press “Continue”

6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Risk Waiver. Press “Continue”

7. Press “Continue to Checkout”

8. Pay the minimum deposit of $100 via Credit Card or E-check. Press “pay” at the bottom of the page.

9. Registration Complete!