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Children sitting at table in Honeyrock dining hall

I won’t lie, I like Netflix, and I’m not sure there’s anything entirely wrong with that. However, I get at least a little convicted when I realize that, as far as mealtime goes, I’ve probably spent more time eating and watching Netflix over the past two years than I have eating and being with the people I love most in the whole world. A good show, sporting event, or movie can do great things for community, but one of the best things about HoneyRock is that so many of the “staples” of our modern life are left so far in the rearview, and it changes how we eat together.

There are no TVs in Chrouser so, when you’re sitting down together for a meal at HoneyRock, it’s difficult to really do anything without acknowledging the presence of the people around you. Maybe this is the greatest gift of breaking bread together; while we enjoy nourishing our bodies with food, we also address the deepest longings of our soul. This is part of the reason we do family-style eating up here, and has been from the beginning, because it nudges us towards each other, both in proximity and in our connectedness.

3 Boys Eating Honeyrock Dining Hall

But this is HoneyRock, and because of our culture here, it is very easy to establish this personal precedent. Yes, it is, but you can do it. This doesn’t have to be an every-night kind of thing; do it once a week, or twice a month. Just run with the idea that one meal together with family is better than zero meals. Now, how to address electronics. Easy, put all phones in the middle of the table, and the first person to touch their phone has to do the dishes. Any takers?

There you have it, folks, the recipe for vintage family-style meals at HoneyRock for your own hearth and home. Now you can set your table, grab the people that you love most, sit down to some tasty food, and talk about how much you miss the lake.

~ written by Lucas Taylor