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Posted January 20, 2017 by

Retreat Group

This week HoneyRock hosted a unique retreat for freshmen and sophomores from Christian Heritage Academy (CHA) who came to experience the beauty of the Northwoods, delve into their personal leadership styles, and build up their faith. This is CHA's first Winterim retreat with HoneyRock. CHA came to HoneyRock with their students as a key step in preparing them for their journey beyond high school and to provide them with a different experience over Winterim break.

Wheaton College graduate students planned, built, and led this experiential learning retreat. Every part of the day offered students opportunities for growth and development. Through a diverse set of activities, these students spent four days exploring leadership styles, building self-awareness, practicing personal responsibility, and reflecting on Biblical leadership. After attending in-depth seminars, students applied what they learned through challenge initiatives, activities, and an overnight trip to a historic HoneyRock cabin deep in the woods!

Horses In the Snow

From trekking on snowshoes for 2 miles in 16 inches of fresh powder to successfully completing all of their challenge initiatives, these students grew deeper in their understanding of themselves as leaders and God as our ultimate leader. Students left the retreat feeling “more energized and leadership like.”

Retreat Campers

We are thankful for the opportunity to impact these young peoples’ lives in a positive way, and sharing the word of Christ as they move toward becoming leaders and exploring God’s calling for their lives!

~ written by Sarah Davis and edited by Noah Lawrence