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Salade -- a french word that originated in the 14th century from Latin salata (salty) and sal (salt). In modern English, we called it salad.

Salad Bar at Honeyrock

Our love for salad represents a healthy lifestyle. With vegetables becoming good sources of insoluble fiber, salads keep us digesting properly. A recent study from the National Cancer Institute found that people with diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of developing many different types of cancers. 

Person getting salad at Honeyrock

At HoneyRock, what we eat is about fresh, healthy meals that provide filling nutrition. This summer, HoneyRock wants to bring our newly updated salad bar to all of our staff and campers. With our new added ingredients such as diced green peppers, sliced radishes, green olives, garbanzo beans, and etc., you will enjoy a tasty yet fulfilling summer feast.

Salad Bar at Honeyrock

Corinthians 10:31 says, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” In God’s eyes, our body is a temple. What we vision at HoneyRock’s new salad bar is building a platform for people to rethink our relationships with food and more importantly, with God. Anyone can come and eat here - our salad bar is available to campers, staff and all our visitors. For people who are searching for special diets, no matter you are a vegetarian or gluten-free favored individual, we want to provide a healthy and delicious food option for you.

People getting salad in Chrouser at Honeyrock

We hope our HoneyRock salad bar becomes a good resource of a complete and delicious course for your summer celebration.

~ written by Natasha Zeng