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Posted July 14, 2014 by
Tags: Summer Camp Fun

There's a buzz on camp this morning - we're getting ready for more  Res campers to arrive! Buses are picking campers up down south, last touches are being made to Cabin Impacts, cabins are being fluffed for new campers, and deliveries are being made by the Beehive's (camp store) very own Queen Bee, Shmo.

HoneyRock, Wheaton College's outdoor center for leadership development

Over the weekend, staff and high school campers enjoyed a little down time - games of volleyball and Frisbee were played. Trips into town for laundry and some ice cream were made. Hanging out in hammocks happened and (lots) of naps were taken to rest up.  Advance Camp counselors will go to White Buck, a nearby lodge, this afternoon to take the next few days to rest, reflect, and renew for the new group of Advance Campers (ACs), coming July 21.

ACs were able to get into town and made sure to stop by thrift shops and the print store to buy Wilderness Wednesday screenprint t's and sweatshirts.  2:22 celebrated stories from wilderness trips, went white-water rafting on the Wolf River and played some large group games on camp. They're heading into the second half of their time at HoneyRock, and will be busy in activities this week. Next week, they'll split into work groups and serve both camp and the surrounding communities. After helping with Family Day,  Service Team went back to rotations.

A short update for today - but you can follow the buses as they make the trip up north via our Facebook page. We update as they stop for lunch at Madison, pass through Wausau and Rhinelander, and a final update once they reach camp. Prayers for safe travels and a great session are appreciated - we couldn't do it without the support of those back home praying for our staff and campers!