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Posted July 8, 2014 by
Tags: Summer Camp Fun

Wow - a whole week has passed by since updating! We're sorry about the wait, the days are just flying by...can you believe that Family Day is just around the corner for Res and Advance Camp? We can't! While this page might have gotten a little quiet over the past week, our photo page is hoppin'! We have over 700 pictures capturing Res Camp, and that again for high school programs. Look to the right of your screen for the links to the various galleries.

Here are some quick updates for you on what our different programs are up to - this Thursday you'll get an in-depth look if you come to Family Day!

Res: All of our girls will be out on trip by 2 o'clock this afternoon - until then, the boys are getting pumped for MAN CAMP tonight (we'll let them fill you in on what that means!). Campers have been busy learning new skills in our different activity areas, spending time in the Word, and playing fun cabin games in the time between.

Advance: All Advance Campers are back on camp for the final week of activities. Their trips were great - they will certainly have stories to tell! Currently (11am today) they're in the middle of Cabin Impacts - learning about encountering, journeying, and abiding with Christ. Incredible lessons for this time of life. During activity periods, the campers are finishing up their  Basic/Intermediate/Masters awards - it looks like we'll have a couple of Masters tests this session! It's been awesome to watch how their cabin dynamics have grown over the past couple of weeks.

2:22: Will be back in camp tomorrow afternoon! We're so excited to welcome them back, hear their stories, and have them on camp. We'll have some trip recaps on the blog within a week.

HoneyRock, Wheaton College's outdoor center for leadership development Service Team: Service Teamers keep chuggin' along - they're doing some awesome work, from rebuilding the horse "loafing" shelter to helping out with a HoneyRock neighbor's yard work to working in the Three Lakes community garden to turning cabins over for new guests. Anywhere you look, there's a Service Teamer!

Assistant Counselors: This past weekend, Sarah (this summer's photographer & AC '09) got the chance to take the ACs into town for their night off. There were lots of Triggs snacks purchased, laughs had, and ice cream and cookies eaten to top off the night. In her words: "laundry with no quarters, torrential downpour, Pizza Hut and a power outage later we called it a night...they're good for me." We're blessed by their energy, and desire to love, serve, and lead Res campers.

(Fuzzy van photo after being drenched in Eagle River. Still had fun!)

That about covers the updates of different areas of camp - stay tuned for more on 2:22! We're pumped to welcome families to  Family Day this Thursday. If you haven't already, please register. If you have questions, make your way to  more information, then feel free to give us a call!