Outdoor and Adventure Leadership

The Outdoor and Adventure Leadership program develops exceptional leaders for careers in Christian leadership, including camp ministry. Students choose between one of two departments to complete the degree: Christian Formation and Ministry or Evangelism and Leadership.

Why Study Outdoor and Adventure Leadership at HoneyRock

The Outdoor and Adventure Leadership of Wheaton College Graduate School is ideal for current camp ministry professionals as well as those looking for excellent training to launch them into leadership fields. It is designed to deepen your walk with Christ, sharpen your critical thinking about leadership and ministry, and equip you with the skills to be effective in multiple applications of leadership and outdoor ministry. 

This unique training and mentoring experience integrates collaborative learning, community living, and hands-on experience at HoneyRock.

You will receive a liberal arts education that will integrate deep thinking, research, and practice by participating in multiple aspects of our leadership and camp programs. You will learn experientially by continuously encountering truth, experience and disciplined reflection. 

You will be in intentional relationships that lend connectedness and social capital at community, small group and personal levels. This ongoing walk alongside discipleship will present you with challenge, opportunities and supports, and stimulate vision. 

You will develop your spiritual, relational, and professional skills in a progression that introduces, immerses, equips and replicates leadership. All residential graduate students are involved in leadership as graduate assistants who make valuable and lasting contributions to the organization.

You will serve and learn alongside a globally oriented and linked community of camp leaders. Students receive, visit, train, learn from, and engage in research and academic inquiry alongside global Christian camp leaders at HoneyRock and around the world.

HoneyRock is “a place apart,” an exquisite outdoor environment where the dynamics of experiential learning in temporary community are maximized to stimulate transformational encounters with God, others and self. You will be immersed in a learning community whose culture is embodied in our Error! Hyperlink reference not valid..

Students have the opportunity to live and work at HoneyRock and have a crucial role in all aspects of the ministry. Opportunities to serve in different program and operations roles at HoneyRock will enable the integration of coursework with real ministry opportunities.

Two Distinct Programs

Wheaton College Graduate School has been training leaders at HoneyRock in the outdoor and adventure leadership field since 1968. This expertise has provided distinctive characteristics to the Outdoor and Adventure Leadership (OAL) concentration. Whether you prusue the program through a M.A. in  or the M.A. in , you will benefit from training with faculty experts in the Outdoor and Adventure Leadership field.

M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry

M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry is designed to provide excellent training to equip students for diverse leadership roles. This program is available in a two-year residential format at HoneyRock and offers assistantships at partner camps.

Modular M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership

M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership is designed for the working professional.Keep your job while taking one or two-week intensive courses several times a year in this modular format. You will complete courses at Wheaton and at HoneyRock, while continuing to work at your camp or other vocation.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in Graduate Assistantships at HoneyRock or at partner camps, where they are immersed in camp communities. Graduate Assistantships allow students to be mentored by camp professionals as they work and are exposed to many of the core skills needed for personal and organizational leadership.

Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) Affiliation

Wheaton College Graduate School is partnering with CCCA to offer CCCA members a 25% discount on tuition in the Outdoor and Adventure Leadership concentration. CCCA students have an opportunity to participate in research efforts to benefit the global Christian camp movement. Learn more about this partnership.