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Special Projects / Gifts in Kind

Financial and Material Gifts

HoneyRock is always in need of more things than our budget will allow! Listed below are some of the items we need and have placed on our "wish list." Can you help make our dreams come true?  Items marked with an " * " mean we have a specific type of equipment and/or supplier in mind for it and we would be pleased to receive a financial gift to cover its cost. Other items can be donated as new or used (in excellent condition) items or by designated funds. Please contact Scott Eppler at 715.479.7474 x224 for details. 

Operational Needs

  • Pre-cast fire pits
  • Wells/water pumps 
  • 12-passenger van
  • Efficient sedan for Wheaton/HoneyRock back and forth travel

Special Projects

  • Gravel for roads ($250/load)
  • Drilled Well for Schmidt Lake ($5,000)
  • Drilled Well for Black Bear ($5,000)

Activity Areas

  • 2 Lifeguard rescue tubes* ($50 ea.)
  • 4 Mountain Bikes* ($500 ea.)
  • 12 Professional bike helmets* ($40 ea.)