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Giving to HoneyRock

HoneyRock provides the ideal teaching and learning environment for future leaders and followers of Christ through experiences in creation. Support HoneyRock’s on-going mission of providing high-quality education with hands-on practice and service for Christ’s kingdom.

HoneyRock: Making an Impact

As the Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College, HoneyRock prepares us with an extraordinary foundation for work in Christ’s kingdom. Whether you come to HoneyRock as a camper, student, alumnus/alumna, staff member or visitor, experiences at HoneyRock have a transformative impact.

“A glorious place apart He’s so richly blessed “

Last year, over 1,500 people found HoneyRock to be “A Place Apart” where God met and prepared them for life’s inevitable challenges with grace, discipline, and Christian character. In turn, they now serve as Christ-like examples to others, while spreading HoneyRock’s impact around the world.

Will you continue HoneyRock’s mission of transformation for the next generation of leadership in Christ’s church and for society worldwide with a year-end gift? Learn more about how you can help today!

How to Give

Your donation can be made online or by mail or phone. 

Give by Mail:

Mary Ratliff 
Advancement Services-Wheaton College
501 College Ave
Wheaton IL 60187
When sending a check to Advancement Services, please specify your donation in the memo line (i.e. HoneyRock Health Center).

Give by Phone:

Please call Wheaton College's Advancement Services Office at 800.525.9906 and they can process the credit card information for you and answer any questions you may have.

HoneyRock Partners

Explore this special opportunity to ensure that hundreds of people continue to experience HoneyRock each year through your gift.

Scholarship Gifts

Each year HoneyRock provides scholarships to nearly 30% of its camps and 50% of the students enrolled in our leadership schools. You can help by supporting our scholarship funds.

Gifts & Special Projects

HoneyRock is always in need of more things than our budget will allow! Listed here are some of the items we need and have placed on our "wish list."