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Mission and Core Values

Student reading on Chrouser porch at HoneyRock in Three Lakes, WI


In line with the mission of Wheaton College,

HoneyRock exists to build Christ’s church and benefit society worldwide by fostering the development of whole and effective people through transformational outdoor experiences.

Core Values

Core Values are the constant, unchanging, passionate and Biblical beliefs that drive the ministry, depict our unique identity, inspire, galvanize, and determine priorities. We seek to insure that all programs and experiences at HoneyRock are characterized by these values in some way. We plan, implement and evaluate our programs based on these historic principles:

  • Others-oriented Service
  • Purposeful Challenge
  • Experiences in Creation
  • Rhythms of Rest & Reflection
  • Authentic Community 
  • Truth-infused Programming
  • Enthusiastic Engagement 

Desired Outcomes

Our desired outcomes for every participant at HoneyRock, from campers to graduate students:

  •  Personal Faith
  • Critical Thinking
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Relational Maturity
  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Compassion for the World

Distinctive Characteristics

What sets HoneyRock apart is summed up in these characteristics: 

  • A Powerful Learning Environment – This is articulated and embodied in our core values. HoneyRock specializes in temporary community and outdoor context for challenge and connection. 
  • An Engaging Learning Process – Deep thinking is pressed into practice throughout our camper and student programs. Learning at HoneyRock is experiential and goes through a cycle of truth, experience and reflection. 
  • Facilitated Holistic Discipleship – On-going discipleship is characterized by challenge, support, and vision. This is exemplified in our 1:1's, our small groups, and personal development plans. 
  • Leadership Development Progression – Multi-level experiences that challenge participants to the next level of maturity (spiritually, relationally, etc.). Our programs for campers and students follow a progression of Introduction > Immersion > Leading > Replicating.
  • Global Impact and Respect – HoneyRock is known world-wide as a leader in leadership development in and through camp ministry.