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Staff Profile - Nancy Robins

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Nancy Robins

Registration Coordinator

On Staff since 2013
715.479.7474 x301


Born and raised near Lake Michigan’s shore in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, I left home to attend college and earn my R.N. licensure. After spending two years at a mission hospital in the mountains of Puerto Rico, my husband, two-year old son, and I ultimately settled in Eagle River. What a privilege to raise my (now five) children in these beautiful Northwoods!

Faith Journey
As a young mother of two, I was invited to join a babysitting co‐op. Some Christian women in our group used the opportunity to build loving relationships while sharing their lives and faith. As they obeyed Jesus’ command to “Go and make disciples,” a few of us non‐believers came to know Jesus as our Savior and Lord— and, with profound gratefulness—so have our children and grandchildren. Those deep friendships continue to this day.

What I love about HoneyRock
Over my many years in the Northwoods, and because of my connection to Wheaton College and HoneyRock through friends and family, I’ve interacted in various ways with both Wheaton and HoneyRock campuses. My children have also experienced HoneyRock and the college as either campers and students or as spouses and in‐laws of Wheaton students. While considering employment during the winter of 2014, I found out about this position at HoneyRock. I didn't feel qualified for the required skills, but I anticipated the blessing of interacting with campers, their families, HoneyRock guests, students, and Christian staff. I therefore felt compelled to apply and trust God to close or open the door. The opportunities for growth, along with the graciousness and spiritual maturity of this HoneyRock family, have greatly blessed and encouraged me. I’ve quickly grown to love the people and mission of HoneyRock and I pray that those who enter this “place apart” will leave spiritually richer because of all they have experienced here.