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Robyn McMurry

Robyn & Mike McMurry

On Staff since 2005

Phone: 715.479.7474 x238

About Robyn

I started working at HoneyRock continuously in May, 2005, and 13 years ago I worked here for two years. 

I grew up in San Diego; Mike and I moved here with our daughter Molly almost 20 years ago, when Molly was five.  Now we live in Eagle River.  I work as a Cook in the Kitchen.

I was always taken to church and Sunday school, Sunday night service and Wednesday night service and anything else that was happening there.  At the age of ten, when we had a visiting missionary, I realized that I needed to make a personal commitment to Jesus.  In High School, I rededicated my life to Him.  Now I serve Him here at HoneyRock.

What I enjoy most about HoneyRock:  Well, I love my job!  How many people do you know who actually say that?  When I was small child going to church camp, I watched the lady in the kitchen and I wanted to be her.  Ha!  I love the people who come to camp.  It's fun to see the "repeat customers".  I love the campers in the summer.  I guess my favorite part is the mentoring.  I love having the students to my house and we have a "girls night" or include the guys in a movie night.  The summer students that work in the kitchen  are lot of fun!  I love the college age people!