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Patty Ramirez

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Patti Ramirez

International Graduate Student Life Assistant



Patty Ramirez joins the Graduate Student Life team from El Salvador, a small country in Central America. Patty has a heart and a passion to serve people. As an international student, she enjoys sharing life experiences with other internationals and encouraging each other. 

She graduated from a Salvadorian University with a degree in Psychology. Patty has served and worked in different Christian schools and non-profit organizations over the past 18 years. Before coming to Wheaton, she was doing program development at Mission to El Salvador, a non-profit serving Salvadorians affected by poverty, addiction, human trafficking and prostitution. She has also co-founded Believe and Obey Family Center where she provided individual, marriage, family and group counseling. It is for that same reason that she is very grateful to be at Wheaton College and have the possibility to earn her M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy. Patty credits the Lord and her Christian family for growing up safely even in the midst of civil war and other tragedies happening in her home country. She enjoys spending time and having fun with people, music and reading.