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Where can I find a job?

A frequent question asked by a prospective student is in regards to finding work opportunities in the area. The Wheaton area provides an abundant supply of job opportunities for the ambitious, hard-working graduate student. The following provides choices for your consideration.

On-Campus Employment Opportunities

During the first week of school many students find that the Campus Job Fair provides an opportunity to find part-time work on-campus. A listing of the on-campus jobs is posted at the Student Employment Desk and made available to students attending the Job Fair. Prospective students wanting full-time employment with Wheaton College can check with Human Resources at www.wheaton.edu/HR.

Off-Campus Employment Opportunities

Information about part-time work available in the surrounding communities with local business and non-profit organizations is made available at the Student Employment Desk at the Career Development Center on the second floor of the Student Services Building.

Part-time job notices are also posted on the Graduate School Job Board, located on the 2nd floor of the Billy Graham Center.

Students or spouses who are interested in part-time jobs are encouraged to wait until they arrive in the area to secure employment since there are abundant opportunities, and few employers will hire anyone sight unseen.

Job Search Links

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Graduate Assistantships

Several assistantships are available through the Residence Life Office working with the undergraduate residential student population.