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Graduate Student Clubs are a medium through which students with shared interest can connect and grow. These student-lead clubs encourage interaction among graduate students and engagement in a broad range of academic, spiritual, cultural, and recreational activities that promote holistic wellbeing and build authentic community.

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Graduate Student Clubs

No-drop road group rides from Glen Ellyn, usually 20–30 miles at around 16–18 mph average. These rides are a great opportunity to get more into road cycling or just to get out and stretch your legs. 

For more information, contact Stephen Wunrow.

We are a club for international graduate students that aims to help each other in the 5 following ways:

  • Practical Help
  • Psychological Support
  • Justice and Advocacy
  • Spiritual Nourishment
  • Cultural Learning

For more information, contact Manuel Rim.

This club is open to all Wheaton students no matter their field, grad and undergrad alike. The objective is to come together to read treasures from Christianity's ancient literary heritage that deserve a wider readership. Although it is called "Patrology Society," it is in actuality an "Ancient Christian Literature Society." We will not only read texts from the Church Fathers, but also the Church Mothers, and we will read what they read.

Texts will not be limited to matters of theology. We will dive into prayers, instruction manuals, hymns, poems, allegories, apologies, hagiographies, and other spiritual writings.

The vision behind this club is to connect modern Christians to the wisdom of their spiritual past and to pass down a rich religious and literary legacy. Members will not only deepen their historical knowledge of early Christianity but will (God-willing) be spiritually renewed as well.

For more information, please contact Blake Adams.

Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese concept meaning something similar to "forest medicine", or outdoor therapy. We are a group of people who loves the outdoors and we invite you to join us for hiking and other outdoor activities!

For more information, please contact Heather Truex.

We're in the grad school studying humanities but we code because life is code.

For more information, please contact James Cuénod.


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