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Grad Care and Well-Being Resources

Resources for keeping yourself well during your time at Wheaton

Student Care Services serves as the central point of contact for proactive, responsive, coordinated care and support for all Wheaton Students. 

Wheaton College is firmly committed to offering Christian counseling to all students, and providing a safe and confidential environment at the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center provides counseling appointments, referrals to local christian counselors, and offers student support groups on campus.

Student Health Services offers resources to assist students in their health and wellness such medical professionals and a variety of services that are available Monday-Saturday.

Learning and Accessibility Services strives to recognize and develop the God-given strengths of each student, providing services both for students needing academic assistance and for those dealing with learning, physical or mental health challenges.

The Chrouser Sports Complex provides free use of the fitness center, weight room, climbing wall and tennis courts. Aerobics and toning classes are available at reasonable rates. The college swimming pool is open at various times for families and adults. Call 752-5743 for the early morning laps schedule and swim lessons for kids.