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On-Campus Housing for Graduate Students

Graduate Students Housing Options

Wheaton College Graduate School offers a variety of on-campus housing options for residential students. In addition, we also provide options for graduate students who are part of our flexible learning programs

Flexible Learning Students Housing Options

Short-term off-campus housing options are available for our flexible learning students. If you are enrolled in a flexible learning program and need assistance in finding short-term housing options, use your my.wheaton.edu email to contact reslife@wheaton.edu for our most recent list of options. For more information, view our Flexible Learning Resource Guide.

On-Campus Housing Options

One-bedroom Apartments

A limited number of one-bedroom apartments in  Saint and Elliot Apartments are available to:

  • Single graduate students (Single graduate students reside two to an apartment.)
  • Married graduate students
  • International graduate students
  • International students with families
  • Colson Scholars
  • Colson Scholars with families 

Campus Houses and Two-bedroom Apartments

Campus houses and two-bedroom apartments are available on a limited basis to:

  • International students with families
  • Colson Scholar with families

Graduate Assistantships

A graduate assistantship is a part-time professional staff live-in position as a Graduate Resident Assistant or Graduate Resident Adviser. Students applying for a Masters Degree in Christian Formation and Ministry, Biblical Exegesis, Intercultural Studies, Theology, and History of Christianity are eligible to apply for a graduate assistantship in Residence Life.  Learn more about Graduate Assistantships.

Length of Occupancy

Apartments are normally rented for the academic year, with the option of continuing in the summer. However, tenants may move out between semesters, as long as proper notice is given. Students are expected to vacate their apartments at the end of the semester they graduate. Tenant occupancy begins approximately one week before classes begin and ends the day after Commencement. Requests to move in earlier may be noted on the application, but cannot always be granted.

Campus housing is guaranteed for no more than two years.


  • Students must supply their own minor appliances, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner and toilet paper.
  • Laundry facilities are located in the basements.
  • Outdoor bike racks are available during the academic year.
  • Limited summer storage is available for students who will continue their enrollment in the fall.


 Application information is available from the Housing Services Office located in Student Services Building, Room 207  (630) 752-5202, housingservices@wheaton.edu.

Graduate students living on campus agree to abide by all of the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook.

Single Graduate Student Housing Application

Download, complete, and submit this form to Housing Services to apply for Single Graduate Student Housing.

View Application
Married/Family Graduate Housing Application

Download, complete, and submit this form to Housing Services to apply for Married/Family Graduate Housing.

View Application