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Off-Campus Housing for Graduate Students

Graduate students have the option of living off campus. If a student chooses to do so, Wheaton College has provided some helpful lists to assist in the search for off-campus housing.

The Wheaton College Off-Campus Housing Lists are provided as a service to the Wheaton community, and to its faculty, staff, and students.

Wheaton College does NOT assume responsibility for the quality and/or safety of the services provided by the individuals listed nor the accuracy of the information listed, and specifically, disclaims any knowledge or liability concerning the compliance of the provider with applicable governmental ordinances. Any agreements or contracts made for services are with these individuals and NOT with Wheaton College or the Housing Office. Persons using these lists are urged to ask specific questions regarding housing arrangements and to use discernment in signing the lease.*

NOTE: The housing password is only available to current Wheaton students and you must include your student ID # in your request. Please do not give the password out to non-Wheaton students! 

Contact us at housingservices@wheaton.edu.

Off Campus Housing Form

Are you looking for a roommate? Do you have a room, apartment, or house available for rent?*

Please fill out the housing form

*Due to the City of Wheaton housing code, no more than four unrelated individuals, students and non-students, may reside together in a living unit off campus. 


Are you in need of furniture?

  • Cort Furniture Rental is a company that rents out furniture and has student packages.
  • Jubilee Furniture is a part of Outreach Community Ministries that sells quality, used furniture at an affordable price.