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Housing and Dining for Graduate Students

Most graduate students meet their housing needs in one of three ways:

  • on-campus apartments through College Housing
  • off-campus housing listings of available apartments and rooms/homes for rent
  • apartment complexes near campus

On-Campus Housing

Campus housing is available to graduate students year-round (during breaks & summer months) as a one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, or campus house. Find more information about  on-campus housing options.

Off-Campus Housing Listings

Graduate students have the option of living off campus. If a student chooses to do so, Wheaton College has compiled some helpful listings as an exclusive service to assist Wheaton College students in their search for housing in the Wheaton area. (Any other use is strictly prohibited.)


There are several dining options for students on campus, all located in the Beamer Center. Bon Appetit, the food service at Wheaton, is consistently ranked among the best in the nation.

Anderson Commons

Anderson Commons is the main campus dining facility. Meal plans are available, although one-time dining is always an option.

The Dine with a Mind (DWAM) program is an opportunity to connect with a Wheaton College faculty member over a meal, covering both you and the faculty member, in Anderson Commons (the college cafeteria) for personal and professional enrichment. This is a privilege that can be used once each semester by degree seeking graduate students while tickets last. Email the Graduate Student Care office for more information at graduate.student.life@wheaton.edu.  

The Stupe

The Stupe provides options such as burgers, fries, and other items from the grill.

The Stupe offers a student bundle which includes a burger (veggie option) or grilled chicken sandwich, drinks, french fries or sweet potato fries, and  dessert for only $4.17.


Sam's offers a wide variety of food and snacks for students on the go.


Find more information on meal plans and pricing at Campus Dining.