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Graduate Student Council Members

Meet the 2017-18 Wheaton College Graduate Student Council Members

Camisha Kibble

GSC Chair

Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) Representative

Graduate Student Council - CamishaI'm a first-year student in the Clinical Psychology program from Texas. I am passionate about spiritual formation and multiculturalism. I minored in Ethnic Studies with a specialization in African American studies as an undergraduate and participated in several training opportunities for multicultural church planting. I believe that God created a diverse Church with purpose and that each culture brings a unique perspective to our understanding of God. Therefore, I intend to leverage my degree and time in Graduate Student Council to advocate for ethnic minorities in mental health and ministry.

Marko Tunjic

GSC Vice Chair

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Representative

Graduate Student Council - MarcoI am from Zagreb, Croatia. I am in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A. program. Having a background in pastoral care and social work, I hope to integrate new knowledge and skills in my ministry and work. Besides learning, I love sports, hiking, and travelling. In the Graduate Student Council I would like to be one of the voices of our global community.


Lauren Augustine

Christian Formation & Ministry Representative

Graduate Student Council - LaurenI am from Manitowoc, WI. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the spring of 2016 and am currently in my second year of the Christian Formation and Ministry program, with an emphasis in student development. I hope to use my degree to integrate all that I have learned about student development into my ministry with middle school students. My current position is at a church in Des Plaines, IL where I work in the middle school and high school ministry. When I am not studying, I enjoy going on adventures with my husband, cooking new things, and drinking coffee.

Maggie Baker

Marriage and Family Therapy Representative

Graduate Student Council - MaggieI am from Waukesha, Wisconsin. I am currently a second year in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. With this degree I hope to live in the Middle East and offer therapy to expats living there. You can find me running, swimming, hiking, watching movies, or laughing. Lazy Sundays are my favorite. As a member of Graduate Student Council, I hope to give a voice for students in the graduate school to the wider Wheaton College community.

Katie Couse

TESOL / Intercultural Studies Representative

Graduate School Council - KatieI'm a Canadian hailing from British Columbia. I have a Bachelors of Education and TESOL certificate through my undergrad, and have been teaching English in Asia for the past four years with the English Language Institute. I started the Masters in TESOL and Intercultural Studies program in January, 2017. My hope upon graduating is to be involved in teacher training overseas, mentoring novice teachers and promoting education and hope in historically closed countries. Besides teaching and traveling, I love cycling, hockey, Vietnamese food, and being outdoors. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you this year!

James Cuénod

Biblical and Theological Studies (Ph.D.) Representative

Graduate Student Council - JamesI'm from Joburg, South Africa. Base jumping, deep sea diving and hang gliding are exactly the sort of things you would find me not doing in my free time which is typically consumed by trying to find matching socks. In my not-free time I am a first year Ph.D. student trying to make sense of the OT with varying degrees of success. Having worked for a few years in the local church, I came to Wheaton to do the M.A. Biblical Exegesis which I finished in 2017. When I (eventually) graduate I plan to return to South Africa to teach in a seminary environment.

Spencer Healey

Biblical and Theological Studies (M.A.) Representative

Graduate Student Council - SpencerI'm from Smiths Falls, ON, Canada.  I have completed the M.A. History of Christianity degree at Wheaton, and I am currently enrolled in the M.A. Biblical Exegesis program.  I received my undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies and Theology from Tyndale University in Toronto, Canada. Many Christians struggle with doubts as a result of holding an intellectually shallow version of the faith.  I hope to help Christians gain a deeper, richer understanding of their faith and the biblical texts that support it.  In our free time, my wife and I enjoy playing hockey and waterskiing; we are also suckers for a good sit-com!

Scott Wurtz

Teaching (M.A.) Representative

aaaGraduate Student Council - ScottI am an M.A.T. student graduating in Spring 2018. I grew up in Wheaton, went to Wheaton for my undergrad and studied physics and computer science. As I finished my undergraduate career, a desire grew in me for using my science studies in a relational setting, and teaching was the perfect way to do that for me, so I continued my Wheaton education with the M.A.T. program; I plan to teach high school physics in a public school. I like to stay active in different ways, most notably through running, ultimate Frisbee, and spikeball. Other things I enjoy include hiking, a good movie, reading in a hammock, board games, eating food with friends, and skiing.