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BGC Scholarship Programs

Scholarships are for those ALREADY in ministry for at least two years with the exception of the pre-field missionary candidate award.

The Billy Graham Center Scholarship Program (BGCSP) provides five different awards to specific types of Christian leaders to attend Wheaton College Graduate School for more advanced training.


  • Awards are loan/scholarships.  Loan forgiveness is "earned" by full-time Christian overseas ministry following graduation.  If the recipient does NOT return to or proceed overseas for ministry, he/she must repay the loan amount including interest.  The exception is the Urban/Ethnic Ministry recipient, who must return to full-time Christian ministry in a qualified setting in North America.
  • The BGCSP supports all MA programs at the Wheaton Graduate School (only Urban/Ethnic Ministry Workers may enroll in the part-time Biblical Studies program) 
  • The original donors' intent is NOT to support master's study as preliminary to a doctoral program nor to support doctoral studies, licensure, or optional theses.
  • All applicants must have at least two years of full-time Christian ministry experience to qualify.  The exception is the Pre-Field Missionary Candidate.
  • Applications are NOT on this website, eligibility must first be determined by completing a preliminary eligibility form.