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Journal Articles Authored by Ph.D. Students and Alumni

Journal articles, especially those involving rigorous peer review, are another hallmark of successful academic careers and cutting edge contributions to current discussions.

"Ezekiel 16 and the Song of Moses: A Prophetic Transformation?" - Gile

This essay argues that Ezekiel's depiction of Israel in chapter 16 represents a prophetic transformation of the rise and decline of Israel depicted in the Song, whereby he adopts the structure and themes of Deuteronomy 32 and infuses them with the prophetic motif of harlotry.

"On Faithfully Knowing and Infinite God: Humility as an Intellectual Virtue in Gregory of Nissa's 'Contra Eunomium II'" - Pardue

This article explores the concept of intellectual humility, a crucial but undertreated dimension of Gregory of Nyssa's thought, first by focusing on a key section of Contra Eunomium II, and then by contrasting this account with contemporary versions of Kantian humility. While Gregorian and Kantian humility share similarities on the surface (e.g. both dwell on our inability to know the 'essence' of a thing), Gregory's vision of the virtue is formed through engagement with the biblical text and in the quest to know an infinite, self-revealing God. In contrast to the flat resignation that characterizes Kantian versions of epistemic humility, Gregory's account of humility not only restrains but also empowers its practitioners in theological reflection.

"The Deliverer from Zion: The Source(s) and Function of Paul's Citation in Romans 11:26-27" - Bruno

This article argues that Paul's Old Testament citation in Romans 11:26-27 includes Isaiah 59:20-21, 27:9, and 2:3. For Paul, Christ's first advent inaugurates the fulfilment of these Isaianic prophecies; therefore, the salvation of 'all Israel' is not an exclusively future reality. The theme of Gentile blessing also accompanies these prophecies. Therefore, Paul expects that Gentile inclusion is part of the fulfilment of the promises to Israel. The implications of this argument are that the majority position of 'all Israel' in v. 26 as a reference to the future salvation of ethnic national Israel is untenable and that the emphasis on Gentile inclusion found earlier in Romans continues throughout the epistle.

 Our students are often able to publish one or more of their seminar papers, written during the program, as a journal article after substantial revision. Our alumni continue to be active in this form of publication after they graduate.

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