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Expand Your Horizons in English Language Teaching!

TESOL Certificate (Stay tuned for Summer 2021 Dates and Schedule)

Wheaton Graduate School

A summer training program designed for TeachBeyond personnel specializing in English language teaching. (100 hours of instruction)

The annual June on campus program offers three weeks of systematic training on the campus of Wheaton College during the weeks before and after TeachBeyond’s Pre-Field Orientation (June 2021 dates TBD). The Certificate in TESOL includes 100 hours of instruction through the following courses:

  • 2021 Dates Announced Soon! Essentials of TESOL
    Dow. This introductory course provides fundamental principles and practices in ESL/EFL teaching. Thirty contact hours: credit or non-credit. Due to COVID-19, for summer 2020 this course will only be offered online in a distance format.

  • 2021 Dates Announced Soon! Essentials of Teaching English Grammar
    Dow. This course provides a foundational understanding of the English grammar system and equips participants with the skills necessary to introduce grammatical concepts to their English learners in clear, uncomplicated ways. It fulfills a 30-hour certificate but is for non-credit only.  While we run the course on campus, it may also be taken virtually.

  • 2021 Dates Announced Soon! LING 611 Theoretical Foundations of TESOL Methodology
    Pierson (2 credits). This course examines the field of English for Specific Purposes and related subfields of the discipline, such as English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English for Business Purposes (EBP), English for Occupational Purposes, (EOP), for Bible and Theology (EBT). This is an ideal course for TeachBeyond personnel preparing for LinGo Centers and other longer-term opportunities with adult students. Due to COVID-19, for summer 2020 this course will only be offered online in a distance format.

  • 2021 Dates Announced Soon! LING 618 ELL Methods and Materials, K-12 (afternoon) and Teaching Practicum (morning) - Seaman and Péter
    TeachBeyond teachers will be assigned a local classroom and will co-teach the class during the week with mentoring by the TeachBeyond TEFL directors. Instruction in methodology for teaching EFL to children will take place in the afternoons.

Two options: Credit and non-credit

[2021 Dates and Courses TBA] Teachers can take the course for two or four hours of graduate credit (at the summer school tuition rate) or non-credit. Housing will be arranged by the Institute for Cross-Cultural Training. Non-credit students must register with the ICCT for summer classes by May 15 for the lowest rate. The non-credit fee is $650 for Essentials of TESOL and Essentials of English Pronunciation, and $350 for LING 644 or LING 643 and the practicum, for a total of $1,000 for the three weeks of training leading to the Certificate.Credit students (earning at least 2 graduate credits) must register as Special Students with Wheaton College Graduate School by May 5 for Essentials in TESOL and by May 25 for LING 644 or LING 618. The cost per credit hour is $595. This is a significant discount on tuition for TeachBeyond teachers and staff. Contacts: Wheaton College: Contact Kathryn Bacasmot, office coordinator, kathryn.bacasmot@wheaton.edu for registration and Dianne Dow dianne.dow@wheaton.edu for housing. TeachBeyond: Contact Heather Brown, Director of Mobilization, at hbrown@teachbeyond.org

Teaching and Mentoring Team

Dianne DowDianne Dow is the Associate Director / TESOL Coordinator for the Institute for Cross-Cultural Training (ICCT) at Wheaton College. She is passionate about equipping ESL teachers to meet the needs of their students and to be better prepared to handle the complexity of the language-learning classroom. She has owned her own language and communication consulting business since 1995 and provides ESL and communication training to corporate and private clients in the Peoria, IL area. With over 30 years of ESL teaching experience and 25 years of ESL teachertraining experience, she sees teaching as a calling and a mission

Cheri PiersonDr. Cheri Pierson (Ed.D., Northern Illinois University) serves as Associate Professor of TESOL with a particular focus on teaching and supervising the practicum class. She has published several books and numerous articles in the areas of English for Specific Purposes and Theological English. Cheri and her husband Steve were international workers in Sweden for over 15 years and have extensive experience in Europe. She also teaches graduate courses in Qualitative Research and Theoretical Foundations of TESOL. A gifted mentor, Cheri works closely with her students to help them achieve success in the classroom.

Alan SeamanAlan Seaman serves as professor of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Wheaton College. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and over 30 years of experience as a teacher and teacher educator. Alan worked as a high school English/ESL teacher and as an English language teacher in Egypt and China. He has traveled to present teacher training workshops for teachers in over 20 countries and was the senior editor of an EFL textbook series for children, grades PK-6.

 Hope PéterHope Péter serves as the Assistant Director for TEFL with TeachBeyond. She holds a Master's Degree in Intercultural Studies and Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Languages from the Wheaton College Graduate School and a Bachelor's Degree from Bethel University in Minnesota in Communication Arts and Literature Education, 5-12.
She also has a Minnesota teaching certification in Secondary English. She has eight years of experience teaching English language, history and literature in Hungarian high schools, primarily in Budapest.