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Urban Education

Student Teaching in Chicago

Students not only teach in the city of Chicago at Cleveland Public Elementary School, but live there as well, sharing apartments with other Wheaton students doing internships in Chicago and returning to campus for their weekly senior seminar course.  Learn more about student teaching.

Other Opportunities for Urban Education

Many Wheaton alumni who student taught in suburban schools have also shifted to urban teaching and ministry. If you have an interest in teaching in urban communities, consider joining Rebuilders or the urban tutoring programs which are part of the Office of Christian Outreach on Wheaton's campus. You might also explore the Urban Studies Program or contact Dr. Lederhouse.

International Student Teaching

Students interested in student teaching abroad may apply during their sophomore year for an overseas placement to be completed in the last year at Wheaton. These placements provide rich cross cultural experiences and unique challenges. Some have combined this experience with the six month internship for the Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) program.

Each applicant is considered on his or her own merit. Preference is given to students who exhibit characteristics suitable for these placements, have previous cross cultural experiences, and have a strong academic foundation in their major and in education courses. Students accepted for this program must attend a weekend retreat/orientation in April which precedes the student teaching semester. This experience involves a $375 fee for the retreat and for securing the international placement and students are also responsible for their own transportation to and from the host international school. Wheaton collaborates with other Christian colleges and universities in preparing and placing student teachers in international contexts. For more information contact the coordinator of the international student teaching program, Dr. Egeland.

Education Department Scholarships

In additional to the financial aid offered by Wheaton College, the Education Department has a number of generous scholarships that support teacher candidates.  Generally they are available to Juniors and Seniors and Graduate/MAT students.  Criteria may vary, but each scholarship is described here.  Applications are due March 1 for the following academic year, with awards announced the final week of the spring semester. A total of approximately $100,000 in additional scholarships are awarded each academic year to students completing one of the education department's programs.


At the end of each semester of student teaching, the Capstone course of the Education Department is completed at HoneyRock, Wheaton's Outdoor Center for Leadership Development, located 350 miles north of the Wheaton campus.

Students can also gain valuable experience by teaching and leading elementary, middle school and high school youth at HoneyRock. A significant number of education students enroll in this 2-10-week program each summer. Key benefits include: holistic personal development, distinct educational philosophy, leadership and ministry training, major and general education credit, and significant financial savings.