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FAQs for the WheTEP application process

Why do I have to apply to WheTEP since I have already been accepted into Wheaton College? All state-accredited teacher education programs in Illinois must have a selective process to screen teacher candidates, ensuring they meet licensure requirements. These include academic performance and professional dispositions. These must be met before proceeding with the method's practicum and student teaching.

What is the purpose of the WheTEP essay question and who is the intended audience? The WheTEP essay provides an opportunity for the applicant to reflect on the value of the general education program at Wheaton College and its value for teacher education. Writing and critical thinking skills are also noted when read by the interviewer and later by other Education Department faculty. 

What documents do I upload with the application or need to bring hard copies to the Education Department office? 
The essay and resume should be uploaded with the WheTEP application. Secondary English, history, math, any of the science content areas, K-12 music, and K-12 Spanish, French or German also need to submit a copy of the Content Area Course Listing (see downloadable Word doc above). This needs to be completed and sent or dropped off to the Education Department.

Why does the resume need to be updated from EDUC 225L? With the completion of the teacher aiding practicum, in addition to the cross-cultural tutoring practicum, the revised resume should include recent experiences that support teacher education. Additional summer experiences that are pertinent should be added. High School graduation information should be dropped and the month of graduation anticipated and the specific IL Professional Educator License sought should be added, along with any additional endorsements anticipated.

How will my resume be used? Resumes are read by the WheTEP interviewer (with feedback after the interview, if necessary), by other Education Department faculty prior to a WheTEP decision, and then by school administrators at potential placement schools.

Why should I meet with the CVC liaison for resume updates revisions? The CVC liaison works closely with the Education Department to assist WheTEP applicants in resume revisions and overall quality. This will reduce the likelihood of significant revisions after the resume is uploaded, which can delay securing a methods/student teaching placement. Please contact Ozias Washongton or schedule an appt directly with him at Wheaton College Handshake.

When will or should I student teach? Elementary Education majors should student teach in the last fall they are enrolled, typically the fall semester of the senior year or the fall after graduation. Secondary and K-12 applicants are permitted to student teach either in the fall or spring semester of their final year. Those in the accelerated MAT program student teach in the fall after the undergraduate commencement.

What input will I have on a student teaching placement?  The WheTEP application includes a section with several questions about student teaching placement preferences. These will be considered by the Clinical Placement Coordinator when requesting placements.

What if I want to student teach elsewhere, like in Chicago or Internationally? International student teaching required a separate application process one and a half years before student teaching, so for most WheTEP applicants, that deadline has passed. We have a partnership with one elementary (K-8) school in Chicago for elementary education majors. For secondary and K-12 applicants seeking a more diverse or urban context, there are other suitable placements within 30-45 minutes of campus that may offer these contextual experiences.

After submitting my WheTEP application, what happens next? An Education Department staff is likely to contact the applicant by email to confirm all required documents have been submitted or communicate what documents are still needed or  incomplete. This may take a week or two based on the number of applications submitted each fall. Once the application and supporting documents are all submitted, expect an email to schedule a WheTEP interview. Please respond promptly so the interview can be scheduled at the earliest convenience.

How should I prepare for the WheTEP interview? What should I expect? With the email confirmation of the scheduled interview, the Education Department Specialist will include interview information to help one prepare. The interviewer, typically the primary or secondary advisor in the Education Department, will conduct a mock interview as if you are interviewing with a school administrator for a student teaching position.

When will I hear the decision regarding my WheTEP application? After the WheTEP interview, the complete WheTEP application file will be scanned and made available for viewing by department faculty before a decision at the next Education Department meeting. These are held every two-three weeks. Once a decision has been made, a letter is prepared and will be emailed to the applicant. Occasionally the department may defer a WheTEP application decision until additional information is available.