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HoneyRock Fellows Program

HoneyRock Fellows Program

To its core, the HoneyRock Fellows program is an immersion into a new kind of living. You’ll join a community of people who are seeking growth, practicing ministry, developing as leaders, and creatively exploring and reflecting deeply on themes of vocational calling while leading our Vanguard gap year students.

If you’re interested in experiencing Christian camping in a year-round context, the Fellows program is a perfect middle-ground. You’ll build marketable experience in the industry, gain a head-start in our acclaimed Master’s program, and live in a context that will utterly revolutionize your perspective on “work-life balance”.

If you’re not certain in a outdoor and adventure ministry career, the Fellows program can be a financially sustainable alternative to heading straight into your chosen career path. Fellows are provided with the time, space, and resources needed to integrate their educational and life experiences in a way that prepares them to engage the world as whole and effective Christian leaders.

Click below to learn more about the guiding principles of the Fellows program:

Dive deeper into your “self” and find clarity in your passions. Take the opportunity to pause and reflect on everything you learned and experienced in college to form a compelling vision for your life. As a Fellow, you will receive personal mentoring and discipleship intended to help you understand your strengths, giftings, and talents. You'll have access to a multitude of resources including seminars, strengths assessments, and a graduate-level class in Christian Formation and Ministry. Our Fellows benefit from the time dedicated to reflecting on the role and practice of spiritual formation in the Christian life. 

Receive internationally respected leadership training that will equip you to flourish as a leader. The principles and skills that you will learn will be valuable and applicable wherever you go. Additionally, the close relationship between work and scholarship at HoneyRock allows for the constant integration of leadership principles with real-world practice by leading our Vanguard Gap Year program. You will receive training in facilitation, group management, organizational dynamics, and best practices in leadership.

Find direction and chart a course for your future while exploring the ideas of vocation, calling, and career within the context of outdoor ministry and authentic community. Maybe you know exactly where you’re headed or perhaps you're still discerning your path. In either case, getting away from all the “noise” can help you ask some clarifying questions in terms of your work and Christian vocation. Our fall course on vocational discernment will help orient you to our “universal calling”. From there you’ll go deep into your expectations for the future and develop a strategy for the way.

Live alongside, serve, and lead a population that has something to learn from you. As a college graduate, you’ll have a unique opportunity to impart your freshly gained wisdom into the life of our students, recent high school graduates on the threshold of starting the very same journey you just completed. This is an opportunity to be a guide; it’s an opportunity to step into the lives of our Vanguards as they seek to learn and grown in their faith; discern their own calling and vocation; and share life with those who have gone before them.

As a major component of the Fellows experience, you'll need to be ready to lead, live, and work alongside alongside these gap year students. It's an incredible, life-changing experience!

You can earn graduate school credit while you work! As a Fellow at HoneyRock, you’ll  earn 4 hours of credit towards a graduate degree in Wheaton’s School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership. You will only need to complete a special student application for the Graduate School before you arrive in September. Course fees are included in the Fellows program fee!

Work to Gain Practical Life Experience

There are a variety of roles in the Fellows program! These roles can help you dig into your passion OR explore some new vocational territory. Working in these areas is also a big part of leading the Vanguard gap year students, so you’ll have the chance to lead and work closely with them on a weekly basis. Explore the assistantships below:

Responsibilities will include assisting in the daily care of 20 horses, barn chores, leading trail rides, and assisting with sleigh rides. Majority of the time will be spent outside, and previous riding experience is preferred, but not required. When not assisting with the barn program, this person will help with site and facility care including snow removal, winter activity area maintenance, and other general duties as well.

Apply now! Create an account and submit the HoneyRock Fellows online application.

This position will work with the Site and Facilities staff to perform facility maintenance, assist with grounds care, and work wherever else as needed. Familiarity or skill with construction and operational equipment is preferred, but not mandatory. Applicants must be qualified to drive vehicles under Wheaton College driving regulations.

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This position will work the construction manager to complete construction projects as well as general maintenance of buildings. Familiarity or skill with construction and operational equipment is preferred, but not mandatory. Applicants must be qualified to drive vehicles under Wheaton College driving regulations.

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The two Kitchen Assistants will work under the guest services coordinator alongside other cooks to prepare and serve meals for the community and the guests that HoneyRock hosts. The Kitchen Assistant will be training in meal planning, ordering and preparation and will have significant responsibilities in that regard. The Kitchen Assistant will also lead and mentor Vanguard Gap Year students working in the kitchen three days per week.

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This position will work with the Guest Services Coordinator to maintain a clean facility and steward the buildings and spaces around HoneyRock.  This position will receive training and gain practical experience in the hospitality services side of HoneyRock as they prepare for guests and work to keep our facilities in excellent condition.  The Guest Services Fellow will lead and mentor Vanguard Gap year students working 3 days a week in Guest Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find a few of our frequently asked questions, below. However, the best way to get a feel for the program is to connect with our Fellows Program Manager, Charlie Goeke at charlie.goeke@wheaton.edu!

As a Fellow, you’ll live and work at HoneyRock from early September through early May, about 9 months. The year begins 2 weeks of training before Vanguard Gap Year students arrive.  One of the initial community building experiences with Vanguards for Fellows is co-leading a 6-day wilderness trip along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. When we get back, you’ll settle into the rhythm of work, life, and play at HoneyRock. Through the year, you will have opportunities to experience the Northwoods, explore your own calling and vocation, actively mentor others, and participate in relational ministry with Vanguards.

Yes! HoneyRock Fellows are paid.

As a part of the Fellows experience, room and board are provided - that means your housing and food costs are taken care of, at no cost to you. You are paid the following:

  • Fall Stipend: $1,000
  • Spring Stipend: $1,000
  • Summer Job, optional: $2,500 - $3,000

You also receive 4 graduate level credits from Wheaton College Graduate school (2 credits in the Fall, 2 in the spring) at no additional cost for you (est. value $3,400).

You’ll live at HoneyRock! We boast a 900-acre campus that is waiting for you to come and explore every nook. You’ll be right in the thick of our residential community, sharing meals and living space with our and students. If you’re single, you’ll be in the downstairs living space in Loberg Lodge with our gap year students. Modeled on dorm-style housing, Loberg was recently renovated to provide a cozy, modern-rustic space that is intentionally designed to foster community among all those who might temporarily call it home. If you’re married, we offer private studio apartments on camp.

School Year (September - April)

During the school year, you will spend 3 days/week in specific work areas under the supervision of your area supervisor. Fellows will spend the 2 additional days during the week working directly with Vanguards: running activities, facilitation of learning experiences, leading field trips, managing logistics, etc... Fellows will have 2 days off/week.

In the Fall, Fellows will have class about 1 night/week. 

Summer (May - August)

In May, you'll receive two weeks of vacation before the summer season begins. Should you choose to stay at HoneyRock, you'll transition into a full-time summer role as a capstone to your Fellows experience. This higher-level leadership position allows you to put into practice all of the life and leadership lessons you learned through the year.


Over Thanksgiving, we invite everyone's families up to HoneyRock (Vanguards and Fellows) - over the past few years, attendance has been 100+ at our Thanksgiving meal. You will have 3 weeks off at Christmas. 

Great question! We have worked out a solution that will allow you to place your loans back into deferment, even if you have already exceeded the grace period allowed by your loan servicer. Typically, if your loan is in deferment it means that you are not required to make payments on the balance. You are still allowed to make payments on your loan while they are in deferment, even though they are not required. We will help you with this process when you arrive.

Fellows are responsible for cultivating an environment that fosters community through caring relationships, an attitude of service, as well as providing logistical and detail support to Vanguards. This staff works to create a relationally and physically safe place for Vanguards to be supported and challenged to engage in authentic relationships in order to live out the body of Christ and grow in His likeness. 

How to Apply

  1. Create an account and submit the HoneyRock Fellows online application.

  2. Create your Wheaton College Graduate School special student account.