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Urban Cohort

If you are an urban pastor, church planter, or key church staff member who never had the chance to attend seminary, or chose not to attend because you did not think it would apply to you, we are excited to announce a new opportunity for you. You can now complete a graduate degree with Wheaton College Graduate School in a cohort specifically designed around the kind of work you do in an urban context.

The M.A. in Ministry Leadership is rich in both knowledge and practice. The core of the curriculum focuses on three competency areas: Bible and theology, mission, and leadership.  The cohort model allows leaders in the same ministry field to learn from one another, network, and encourage each other. The collaboration that you will experience in the cohort will increase your learning and facilitate application of classroom material directly to your work in an urban church setting. 

Thanks to the flexible learning format, you can do all this while continuing in ministry leadership. We hold week-long classes at Wheaton College twice a year. The remainder of the courses are completed online.  

We want to make this program more affordable, so we are offering up to a 25% tuition reduction for students who join the cohort. 

If you are ready to join this cohort or have questions, email Heather.Matthews@wheaton.edu.