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Mission Pastors Cohort

Why Pursue the M.A. in Ministry Leadership with the Mission Pastors Cohort?

If you are a mission pastor who never had the chance to go to seminary, or chose not to because you did not think it would apply to you, we are excited to announce a new opportunity for you. You can now complete a graduate degree with Wheaton College Graduate School in a cohort specifically designed around the kind of work you do.

Mission pastor roles have reached a stage of complexity that warrants advanced study and preparation. Those who complete this program will provide thought-leadership and practical expertise for church ministers and missionaries on the field. Join world-class professors and leaders like Dr. Ed Stetzer, Dr. Scott Moreau, and guest leaders of church mission strategies, in a practical program that fosters the holistic development of spiritual maturity, theological integration, and skilled leadership.

This cohort is designed to be rich both in knowledge and practice. The cohort model allows leaders in the same ministry field to learn from one another, network, and is always a time of encouragement. We will hold week-long classes at Wheaton College twice a year. The remainder of your courses will be done online.