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Global Christianity Cohort

Deepen your understanding of ministry, mission, leadership, theology, and scripture with faculty, leaders, and students at the Wheaton College Graduate School.

The Wheaton College Graduate School is partnering with the Global Diaspora Institute to offer this unique opportunity.  

Christianity is no more a Western religion. Over the last few decades, Christianity has dramatically shifted its global demographic center from the Global North (the Euro-American nations) to the Global South, most noticeably to the former mission fields of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This cohort will trace the rise, decline, growth, and advance of various strands of Christianity in different parts of the world, delineating its rich diversity, complex history, and contemporary issues. It will particularly focus on diaspora communities (immigrants, refugees, international students and others) who want to understand the emerging role of Christians in the post-Christian West and post-Western Global Christianity. 

The M.A. in Ministry Leadership is rich in both knowledge and practice. The core of the curriculum focuses on three competency areas: Bible and theology, mission, and leadership.  This degree fosters a holistic development of spiritual maturity, theological integration, and skilled leadership.  You will learn from faculty such as Dr. Sam George, Director of the Global Diaspora Institute, and Rev. Dr. Andrew Lee, former pastor of the largest Chinese church in Chicago and New York.

The cohort model allows leaders to learn from one another, network, and encourage each other. The collaboration that you will experience in the cohort will increase your learning and facilitate application of classroom material directly to your work in ministry. Thanks to the flexible learning format, you can do all this while continuing in ministry leadership. We hold week-long classes at Wheaton College twice a year. The remainder of the courses are completed online.   

We want to make this program more affordable, so we are offering up to a 25% tuition reduction for students who join the cohort. 

For more information, please email Heather.Matthews@wheaton.edu.