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Program Information and Degree Requirements

Students who have graduated from the Arrow Leadership Program prior to admission may choose to enter the Arrow Leadership Partner Program. Through an arrangement between Wheaton College and the Arrow Leadership Program, upon

  1. successful completion of EVAN 542: Church: Movements and Models and
  2. recommendation of the Program Coordinator based on a paper summarizing the relevance of their Arrow work to evangelism and leadership

Qualified students are granted a total of 14 semester hours of credit (10 for their Arrow Partnership work and 4 for EVAN 542) towards the completion of the M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership degree.

In order to receive the Masters in Evangelism and Leadership, students take 26 semester hours of additional courses, including:

  • 526: Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal (4)
  • 545: Culture: Emerging and Global (4)
  • 559: Organizational and Change Leadership (4)
  • 573: Evangelism Research Methods (2)
  • 690: Comprehensive Exam (0)
  • 561: Intercultural Communication (4)
  • Biblical and Theological Studies (BITH) Category I course (4)
  • Electives (4)  

Refer to Wheaton College Course Catalog for Electives and Course Descriptions

After successful completion of EVAN 542, qualified students will exempted from taking the following courses:

  • 558: Personal Development and Leadership (4)
  • 547: Evangelistic Communication (2)
  • 691: Ministry Practicum (2)
  • 694: Seminar: Evangelism and the Local Church (2)