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The Center for Family and Relational Health

Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic at Wheaton College

Wheaton College’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program emphasizes systemic coursework and clinical experiences. Clinical experiences include a first-year pre-practicum experience, and a second-year practicum experience. Every year, students engage in clinical training experiences through partnerships with local therapy sites.

Beginning in Fall 2020, Wheaton College MFT student training experiences will include clinical experiences at the program’s clinic, The Center for Family and Relational Health. The clinic will contain five (5) family therapy rooms equipped with live observation cameras for clinical instruction and three (3) observation rooms where the treatment team will participate in each therapy session. As part of first- and second-year clinical practicums, students will engage in a range of clinical experiences, including:

  • Live observation of therapy sessions
  • Reflecting team sessions, in which student teams provide live feedback to the clinician and/or clients
  • Co-therapy sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions*
  • Relational therapy sessions (couple and family)*

*These clinical experiences are for second-year students only

Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic at Wheaton CollegeAs an integral part of clinic participation, students will be led and supervised by an AAMFT-approved supervisor or equivalent (as defined in the MFT Student Handbook). Alongside this regular on-site supervision, students will be provided with weekly AAMFT-approved supervision by one of our program’s core faculty.

The Center for Family and Relational Health will serve local community members, including those with insufficient access to care and/or on the margins of society. Students will therefore gain firsthand experience in clinical competency with diverse populations, alongside being part of a larger mission to benefit the underserved.


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