Logo for Graduate School

Mission Statement

The Wheaton College Department of Psychology, through its graduate programs will strive to:

  • educate its students in a manner grounded in, informed by, and shaped by the beliefs and practices of the Christian faith;
  • emphasize and model a commitment to professional practice as service, especially to the Body of Christ, the Church, and also to those persons who have been marginalized and wounded by our society on the basis of racial or ethnic identification, age, socioeconomic status, or gender; and
  • conduct training in the context of an intentional community of faith which will emphasize a balanced approach to spiritual, personal, professional, and interpersonal growth and development.
  • (through the Master's programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling Ministries) train highly competent mental health professionals and professional ministers from a responsibly eclectic clinical perspective for work with individuals, couples, families and groups, while instilling in them a vision for creative ministry informed by Christian tradition and by professional theory and research, and carried to the widest possible community throughout the world;
  • (through the Doctor of Psychology program) produce highly competent clinical psychologists who will be practitioner-scholars, capable of benefiting from and contributing to both the theoretical and applied empirical scholarly literature of the clinical psychology field, adept at advancing our understanding of the interface of psychological and spiritual understandings of the person, and competent to intervene to enhance human welfare;