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Intercultural Studies Community

Our hybrid schedule creates space both for working professionals and those who cannot relocate to Wheaton to prepare for cross-cultural ministry, rooted in meaningful relationships that cohort-style learning affords.


"Encouraging, engaging, and multicultural" are three words students, alumni, and faculty use to describe our community.

Dr. Scott Moreau

"I love the blend of international and domestic students because there are always interesting and challenging insights that each bring into the classroom as we study ministry in cross-cultural settings. I learn from our diverse body of students even as I teach them."

Dr. Susan Greener

"Each class is a global learning community with highly motivated students from various cultures, backgrounds, and levels of experience. As faculty mentors, we journey with students as they identify gifting, discern calling, and grow in their understanding and the necessary skills for successful cross-cultural engagement."

Dr. Robert Gallagher

"Our students have an excellent intellectual capacity, yet what impresses me is their commitment to the Gospel, and their willingness to sacrifice for Christ, which they are doing by choosing this vocation. I see people walk in a deeper way with Christ as they go through the program."