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Hybrid Program Schedule

Connection, Community, and Convenience

The new M.A. in Intercultural Studies is a one year, 3-semester (fall, spring, summer) program, with each course combining the best of in-person and online coursework.

The hybrid format gives you the opportunity to:

  • connect with faculty in person during the intensive portion of each semester,

  • be part of Wheaton's diverse community and utilize Wheaton's resources,

  • experience the convenience of online coursework while you live and work at home.

How it Works

Each semester (fall, spring, summer) begins with one week of on-campus intensive classroom time that covers three courses. Each course runs for two consecutive 7.5-hour days. Following the on-campus classroom portion of the courses, students complete each course online. 

Visual depiction of INTR Hybrid Program


For specific schedule dates and location, please see the Office of Registrar Schedules page.

Full-Time Students

A full-time student course load is similar to a full-time job. Each semester you will enroll in three 4-credit courses for a total of 12 credit hours. Each 4-credit course requires on average about 10 hours of work each week. The time commitment will vary by student and can range anywhere from 8-12 hours each week, depending upon how quickly you read, English proficiency, and personal learning style.

Fall Semester-August/September

  • INTR 514 (4) - Spiritual and Professional Formation
  • INTR 532 (4) - Contextualization
  • INTR 561 (4) - Intercultural Communication

Spring Semester-January

  • INTR 621 (4) - Transformational Development
  • INTR 521/531 (2/2) - Historical Foundations / Theological Foundations
  • INTR 572 (4) - Cross-Cultural Research

Summer Semester-May

  • INTR 566 (4) - Religious Life in Global Settings
  • BITH 565 (4) - Christian Theology
  • INTR 693 (4) - Intercultural Studies Capstone

Part-Time Students

As a part-time student, you can take courses at your own pace when they are available. You will work closely with your faculty advisor on your schedule. The capstone/final paper must be the last course completed, and is only available during the summer.

  • For each course which you are enrolled, you will be on campus for two consecutive days. If you take two courses, you will be on campus for four days; three courses would be six days.

Completion Time

All requirements for the M.A. in Intercultural Studies must be completed within five years from the date of entrance if done in regular academic sessions, but students are not necessarily expected to maintain continuous enrollment throughout their course of study at Wheaton College.

  • A Web Browser that complies with WWW standards (Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome).
  • A Skype account and access to a device that supports it.
  • Internet access for a minimum of 10 hours/week recommended (per course) with sufficient download speed to stream videos on your device.
  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (available for free to students enrolled at Wheaton College)
BGC Building Orientation
On-Campus Graduate Student Orientation

We strongly recommend that students attend the Graduate Orientation in the fall in order to get connected to the community and campus resources that will be foundational to their time in the program.