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Faculty Books

The Intercultural Studies program faculty are regular contributors to the world of academic publications, including books, journals, and articles.

List of faculty books:

Gallagher - Encountering History Missions
Encountering the History of Missions: From the Early Church to Today - Gallagher

This new addition to a highly acclaimed series portrays the sweep of missions history, revealing how God has fulfilled his promise to bless all the nations. Two leading missionary scholars and experienced professors help readers understand how missions began, how missions developed, and where missions is going. The authors cover all of missions history and provide practical application of history's lessons. Maps, tables, box inserts, sidebars, and discussion questions add to the book's usefulness in the classroom. Learn more >>

Contemporary mission theology
Contemporary Mission Theology: Engaging the Nations (American Society of Missiology Series) - Gallagher

A resource for the classroom that specifically addresses the missiological issues of the twenty-first century, this collection in honor of Charles E. Van Engen features contributions from practically all the leading lights of the missiology world. Scholars including Stephen Bevans, Roger Schroeder, van Thanh Nguyen, Mary Motte, Gerald Anderson, Scott Sunquist, and many others offer their insights and reflections, focusing on the impact of cultural and demographic changes on the nature and purpose of Christian mission.Learn more >>

Moreau - Introducing World Missions
Introducing World Missions: A Biblical, Historical, and Practical Survey (Encountering Mission), 2nd Edition - Moreau

Introducing World Missions, the first volume in the Encountering Mission series, provides readers with a broad overview of the biblical, theological, and historical foundations for missions. It considers personal and practical issues involved in becoming a missionary, the process of getting to the mission field, and contemporary challenges a mission worker must face.Learn more >>

Greener- Effective Intercultural Comm
Effective Intercultural Communication: A Christian Perspective - Moreau, Greener

With the development of instantaneous global communication, effective communication across cultural boundaries is vital. This addition to the acclaimed Encountering Mission series is designed to offer contemporary intercultural communication insights for mission students and practitioners. Learn more >>

Greener - Exploring and Engaging Children
Exploring and Engaging Spirituality in Today's Children: A Holistic Approach

Researchers acknowledge that the home is the foundation for Christian nurture. In Exploring and Engaging Spirituality for Today's Children, both scholars and ministry leaders come together with parents to promote a holistic environment where children are encouraged to love, respect, and obey God. From birth to high school, children's voices resonate throughout these studies as they are invited to share their reflections and experiences. Exploring and Engaging Spirituality for Today's Children is a lively, easy-to-read collection that reflects a broad range of faith traditions and is ideal for all those who are committed to the spiritual development of children. Learn more >>

Contextualization in world missions
Contextualization in World Missions: Mapping and Assessing Evangelical Models - Moreau

Contextualization is the art of translating ideas into a particular situation, place or culture. It is fundamental to communication, which makes contextualization essential in missions. This textbook pulls together and maps the variety of evangelical approaches to contextualization. Learn more >>

Frontier mission
Evangelical and Frontier Mission: Perspectives on the Global Progress of the Gospel - Moreau

Over the course of the twentieth century one of the stories of the church that has moved towards center stage is the growth of evangelicalism around the world. As we reflect on the past century, then, the stories of the evangelical world church deserve to be heard. Learn more >>

Extending God's kingdom book
Extending God's Kingdom: Church Planting Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - Moreau

In this third EMQ compilation, the foundational goals of church planting are addressed, and over thirty experienced practitioners and missiologists are heard from as they share successes, failures, and hopes for the future. Learn more >>

Reflecting God's glory
Reflecting God's Glory Together: Diversity in Evangelical Mission - Moreau

The true story of mission has been deeper, wider, and far more diverse than many Christians in countries with long histories of church presence have realized. From Filipino and Ghanaian missionary work in North American cities, to Canadian work among the Chinese diaspora, to African-American work in Zimbabwe, Reflecting God's Glory Together helps us begin to grasp just how many ways evangelicals in mission are truly going from and coming to everywhere as they follow Christ's mandate to reach the nations. Learn more >>

Changing Worlds - Gallagher

Changing Worlds is a collection of the messages shared at the May 2005 CRC Churches International conference which celebrated their 60th year of ministry as a Christian movement. The messages in the book center on the conference's reflection of the past and glimpse into the future and covers vital lessons from history as well as the challenges presented for the future of ministry.

Footprints of God: A Narrative Theology of Mission - Gallagher

Twenty-five doctoral students from around the world set out to discover answers to important questions, such as "What is theology of mission?" and "What is missiology?". The team used a new approach to answer these questions, employing narrative to integrate personal story, community stories, cultural stories, and biblical stories. Each writer brings his or her own unique context to bear on these important questions through personal story and by highlighting the work of a major missiologist who has impacted their life and work.

Mission in Acts: Ancient Narratives in Contemporary Context - Gallagher

In this fresh and exciting re-reading of Acts - which some have termed the "Gospel of the Holy Spirit" - twenty-three scholars and practitioners of Christian mission and ministry reflect of key texts from the perspective of the contemporary apostolate.