Our Alumni

Alumni in Higher Education Fields

Below is a brief sample of higher education positions where recent alumni of the Christian Formation and Ministry (now reconfigured as the Higher Education and Student Development) program have been placed.

Resident Directors

  • Azusa Pacific University
  • Cornerstone University  
  • Westmont College
  • Taylor University
  • Covenant College
  • Biola University

Other Higher Education Administrative Posts

  • Assistant Director for Campus Life for Ministry and Outreach at Westmont
  • Executive Assistant to the VP and works with International Students at Westmont


See how alumni from various settings have benefited from their time in this program.

Wheaton alumnus Brian Blackburn and familyBrian Blackburn M.A. '06
Chief Administrator of Mercy Ships Academy, Africa

"My time at Wheaton allowed me to refocus on what I was doing in ministry. Without it, I think I would have only continued in overseas ministry for a few more years. I was able to explore many ministry options and network with some great students and professors. I was challenged spiritually and academically and was equipped to serve others while making sure I was adequately prepared to do the work set before me!"

Wheaton alumna Kristal DoveKristal Dove M.A. '12
Director of Campus Activities, Resident Director of Upperclassmen Housing, and Adjunct Professor of Business Administration at Milligan College in Johnson City, TN

"When I arrived at Wheaton I knew I had a heart for working with college students but had no idea what to do with that passion. God used the academic component of the CFM program to provide me with a foundation of understanding for how to do ministry with this particular age group. But, more importantly, God used the members of the CFM community to help me to realize my gifts and talents and to encourage me to be the person that God created me to be. I am able to do what I do today as a result of the care that was given to me during my years at Wheaton...Without a doubt, the best thing about my Wheaton experience was the CFM community. Our program cohort was comprised of an incredibly unique group of individuals of all ages who invested in each other fully throughout the program. In addition, I am a different person today as a result of the way that the CFM faculty invested in me. Their involvement in my life both inside and outside of the classroom served as an amazing model of the kind of Christ-follower that I want to be."

Wheaton alumna Kearsten KarrickKearsten Karrick M.A. '13

"The CFM program taught me how to clear a time and space to let God do an essential kind of creation. The courses, whether they regarded teaching or counseling, discipleship or Scripture, offered me practical tools to create openings for liveliness of God to be remembered ... The program asks for sincerity— in scholarship, in integration, in partnership. In my experience, this learning community was not interested in reiteration and accumulation of knowledge. Instead, my professors and my classmates invited honest exploration and healthful dialogue. The course work challenged me to develop personalized, rooted responses to key problems."

Wheaton alumnus Kyle TenantKyle Tennant M.A. '13
Connections Pastor at First United Methodist Church; Warren, OH
Lead Pastor at {re}generation church plant

"My time at Wheaton was crucial to sharpening my sense of call to pastoral ministry and equipping me with an articulated philosophy of, or perhaps blueprint for, ministry. At Wheaton, I learned what I most value in ministry and how to put those values into practice, incorporating best practices from the history of the church to connect people to Christ and to one another. The truth is, much of my pastoral work in church planting has been influenced by my studies; how we do ministry is a direct expression of the philosophy of ministry I developed during my time at Wheaton."