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M.A. in Global Leadership
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M.A. in Global Leadership
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M.A. in Global Leadership

M.A. in Global Leadership

Elevate Your Leadership

The world is searching for visionary, value-driven and competent leaders. Our program is created to equip men and women with knowledge, spiritual understanding, and skills to lead in a culturally diverse world. We passionately integrate biblical leadership principles with evidence-based leadership research and practical skill development. 


Credits to degree
Faith Integration
Christ-Centered Faculty

When our students graduate, we anticipate they will have become leaders who are able to...

  • Fruitfully guide organizational strategy and manage change
  • Develop themselves and diverse others
  • Articulate and demonstrate the relationship of Christian mission and values with personal vocation
  • Engage critically with leadership theory and practice

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Wendy LarsonAsk Wendy

Do you have any questions about the Global Leadership program? Feel free to reach out to Wendy Larson, Manager for Academic Advising for MAGL students. You can reach her at 630-752-7889 or by e-mail.

Program Distinctives

Leading an organization requires complex skillsets that combine both hard and soft skills. Unlike a typical MBA program that focuses on hard skills training or most leadership programs that emphasizes soft skills development, MAGL is designed to cultivate both hard and soft skills in a balanced way with faith and work integration in mind. You will have opportunities to learn from researchers and experienced marketplace leaders about communication, team leadership, financial, marketing, and strategic management skills.

Leaders are made, not born. Jesus taught and developed a ragtag group of Galileans to be the change makers and leaders of His Kingdom. The last half-century’s leadership research provides overwhelming evidence that effective leaders have a particular mindset, behaviors, and orientation toward others that can be cultivated. Our leadership program uniquely combines cutting-edge leadership research with deep biblical engagement to elevate the God-given leadership potential in you.

We are public Christians, cultivating our minds, hearts, and hands to be aligned by Christ for His Kingdom. We avoid finding Bible proof-texts for preconceived ways. Instead, we humbly seek to understand the whole counsel of God in the Word regarding leadership essentials that deal with issues like teamwork, authority, motivation, security, finances, conflict, and diversity.

We are building a network of highly skilled, thoughtful, intentional Christians who know that everyone can lead. Students will have the opportunity to learn and collaborate with individuals from various backgrounds and experiences. Whether you are leading a mission organization, finance corporation, or just entering the corporate world, you will find great connections with other individuals in your courses who are pursuing God’s call on their life. We invite you to join our community.


Tim AtkinsonStudent Voices

"The MAGL program has helped me see that we all approach life through a different but unique lens of life experiences and culture, which has influenced me to pause, listen and learn from each other to shape a more effective multicultural leadership approach."   -Tim Atkinson, Named Account Executive at InfoBlox

Sandy GeigerStudent Voices

"I have found many of the principles that I've studied to be immediately applicable to my leadership context in a Christian media organization, in an international Christian media industry association, and as a global media trainer. The work so far has transformed my view of our constituents. I now consider them not just media consumers, but 'people entrusted to our care,' a view that I have shared with our leadership team. It has transformed my view of my team members, fellow board members, and other trainers".   - Sharon Geiger, Assistant General Manager at Dallas radio station KCBI 

Andrew-LeeStudent Voices

“The MA in Global Leadership offers a challenging, yet practical education to connect to leaders across different cultures for ministry.”    - Andrew Lee, Executive Director of Operations at The Urban Ministry Institute


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