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Evangelism and Leadership - OAL

Evangelism and Leadership focuses on missional leadership and creative evangelism in our contemporary world for camp contexts. It will equip you to think critically and act creatively to embody and communicate the gospel in our contemporary, multi-ethnic world.

Modular Format

This multi-year modular format requires students to take one-week or two-week intensive courses several times a year either in the Evangelism and Leadership department at the Wheaton College campus or at HoneyRock.

All core courses are taught in one-week modular form at the Wheaton College campus in Illinois. All Outdoor and Adventure Leadership courses are taught in one to two-week modular formats at HoneyRock, Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College. Due to its modular and part-time nature, the program often takes about four years to complete.

Living at HoneyRock

While this program is offered in a modular format and can be completed while maintaining your job, many students decide to apply for a Graduate Assistantship at HoneyRock. This allows the student to become fully immersed in a transformational learning environment with a staff who is experienced in facilitating the growth and development of future camp professionals. Students will be able to gain experience, integrate classroom learning with practice, and be part of a vibrant camp community. 

Degree Requirements

Courses are either two (2) or four (4) semester credit hours. A 2-credit intensive class meets for 9 hours per day for 3 days. A 4-credit intensive class meets for 9 hours per day over 6 days. In addition to the classroom hours, each class requires advance and post course work. Students should allow approximately 10 weeks, 6 prior and 4 after, to complete each class.