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Propel Women FAQs

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Wheaton's new partnership with Propel Women.

What is a Cohort?

A cohort is simply a group of people brought together for a common purpose. In a cohort model, students stay together as a group throughout the program allowing you to develop deep life relationships with other women who are hungry to expand their biblical knowledge for Christ and His kingdom. The goal of a cohort is for you to stay together as a learning community for the entire length of the program.

Is this Wheaton’s program alone or does Propel create content?

The curriculum in the M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership degree is designed by Wheaton faculty who have years of experience planting churches, publishing articles and books, and training other evangelism leaders in conferences and the classroom.

What is the difference between the cohort and the self-paced option?

Since the best value of the cohort is the connections you will make with your classmates, we’ve designed the curriculum for you to progress together as group in order for you to grow academically and spiritually together. If you join a cohort of at least 15 Propel students, you will take the courses with the same group of women, building lasting relationships as a learning community. In addition, each member of the cohort will receive a 35% tuition discount.

However, you can choose to work towards your degree at your own pace with other non-cohort students in the Evangelism and Leadership program. In addition, you would receive a 25% tuition discount.

We ask that you decide at the start of the program whether you will join the cohort or choose the self-paced option.

What if I need to miss a cohort class?

Students who need to miss a class in the cohort schedule must get advanced approval from their advisor and work out a method to make up the course credits. Please note, depending on the situation, classes taken outside of the cohort may only receive the 25% discount rate.

Do I need to move to Wheaton to be in the program?


Our modular and online program allows you to keep your job while earning your degree by taking both one-week intensive courses and a few online courses as well.

Intensive courses are 6 days long, running from Monday through Saturday from 8:30am-5:30pm each day, with a one-hour lunch break. Each course has pre- and post-reading and writing that you can do from home.


Online courses are either 8 or 16 weeks long and can be done from anywhere!

Does my tuition cover travel and expenses while I am on campus for the program?

The tuition only covers the cost of enrolling at Wheaton College Graduate School.

What are the housing options available?

You are not required to stay on Wheaton's campus, however, there are affordable housing options available. Visit the Living at Wheaton website for information. Also, once you meet the other Cohort members, you may decide to find a hotel together for future classes.


Propel Course Sequence January 2019

*Electives will fit the significant calling and ministry of women leaders. Exact order of courses is subject to change.