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Do you have a desire to deepen your faith and raise your level of leadership while collaborating with other Open Bible Church pastors and leaders?


Be Inspired.  Be Challenged.  Be Equipped.

The Open Bible Church cohort is a group of graduate students who choose to grow and learn together through Wheaton's M.A. in Ministry and Leadership. The cohort enables you to learn and grow with other Open Bible Church leaders through a unique program that allows you to stay active in your world. The cohort provides opportunities for study, conversation, and involvement with other participants during classes.

Partnership Benefits

The Open Bible Church association is a premier connector and developer for outstanding ministry leaders and partners. Wheaton College is one of the premier Christian Graduate School educators in the world. This partnership has the potential of educating and developing leaders equipped to engage their world for the cause of Christ.

You will have the opportunity to explore the world-class city of Chicago. It will give you the chance to experience the culture of the city and explore models of ministry that are influencing leaders around the world.

Open Bible Church Cohort Scholarship

You have the opportunity to be part of a unique cohort specifically for Open Bible church leaders where you can earn an M.A. in Ministry & Leadership from Wheaton College Graduate School.  You will take classes one at a time together online, with a generous scholarship of 35% toward your tuition for a full cohort.* Visit the  for more details on tuition and aid.

Visit the Financial Aid Office for more details on tuition and aid.

*If fewer than 15 students enroll, you will still be eligible for a scholarship of 25% toward tuition.

Degree Sequence

View the course sequence for the upcoming 2019 cohort.

Begin Your Application

To learn more about how this program could add a new dimension to your ministry, please email Wheaton College Graduate Admissions at graduate.admissions@wheaton.edu. In your email, simply state that you are interested in the Open Bible Church cohort.