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Student Development

The Student Development M.A. is designed for those seeking to influence the lives of college students.

Hear from students and professors about the advantages of our Student Development program.

Building Christian Communities

The Student Development concentration within the M.A. in Christian Formation degree will connect you to current research that will challenge you to think critically about collegiate learning, form collaborative partnerships across the institution, and develop a personal philosophy of student development within the higher-education context.

Student Development Training

The concentration offers students unique training for a variety of career settings:

Spiritual Development

Student take courses focusing on spiritual development, methods of discipleship, College Ministry, and Young Adult Ministry in order to be more equipped to guide students in the process of spiritual formation. Each student is also part of a mentoring group, in which they are guided in their own spiritual formation.

Internship and Practicum Opportunities

Students are continually being trained both by theory and practice. Internship opportunities are available through the Student Development Office. Six new Graduate Resident Assistant (GRA) positions are open each year (12 total). The GRA position places student in dorms or apartment complexes with student and Resident Advisor oversight. These positions serve as great vocational preparation for careers in residence life and also provide opportunities to practice spiritual leadership.

Potential Careers

The M.A. in Student Development prepares students for all kinds of university settings in residence life, spiritual care, and student activities. Students have served all across the country in a range of capacities including college resident directors, chaplains or spiritual life directors at colleges or high schools, and in student activities.

Program Requirements

Requirements for the M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry (CFM) degree consist of the successful completion of 42 semester hours, a comprehensive examination, and a capstone project or internship. Students pursuing the Student Development concentration are required to take the 24 hours of core CFM courses plus an additional 18 hours.  For more information, visit

Graduate Assistantship Positions

Experience hands-on training while enrolled in the M.A. in Christian Formation. With a variety of positions available, from live-in Graduate Resident Assistantships positions to Graduate Student Assistantships in the Office of Multicultural Development, Office of Christian Outreach, and Student Care Office, you have the opportunity to immediately apply your learning to your work.

Apply by March 1 for the Graduate Student Assistantship positions beginning this fall. Visit to learn more.